Ghetto Cowgirl, The Persuaders

Ghetto Cowgirl

Tempe, AZ based band featuring:
Marc Norman- vocals
Curtis Grippe- drums
Scott Andrews - bass
Thomas Laufenberg- guitar

The Persuaders

The PERSUADERS are a 5 piece band from Tempe, Arizona. In the mid 90's several bands in Tempe, Arizona played Mill Ave., until the Record Companies came calling from Los Angeles.

Some of those bands were the GIN BLOSSOMS, PISTOLEROS and DEADHOT WORKSHOP. The PERSUADERS are a group comprised of memebers of each of those bands.

Lawrence Zubia - Vocals/ PISTOLEROS, Scottie Andrews - Bass/ PISTOLEROS, Thomas Laufenberg - Guitar Vocals/PISTOLEROS DEADHOT WORKSHOP, Phillip Rhodes - Drums/ GIN BLOSSOMS.

The PERSUADERS have done things a bit backwards. For the past 2 years the PERSUADERS have gotten together to write and record a 10 song record without ever having played out. Now that the record is done and a live set and show is complete the PERSUADERS are venturing out on a steady round of bar and club shows in and around Tempe, Arizona and the Southwest.

Collectively the members of the PERSUADERS have sold millions of records, traveled thousands of miles, played thousands of shows and have made it back home to Tempe, Arizona. We look forward to playing some loud, guitar driven Rock n' Roll for you somewhere soon.

$3.00 - $5.00


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