The Bunker Presents: Function, Claude Young, Bryan Kasenic

Born and bred in Brooklyn, David Sumner was brought up on the diverse musical landscape of the New York underground in the 1980's. His influences ranged from the sounds of Kraftwerk, Bambaataa, Man Parrish, Baker Robie, to The Human League, New Order and Depeche Mode. Hooked on electronics, Dave took to the turntables in 1989 at the age of 16 playing early Detroit techno, acid house, house, new wave, electro, and disco. Now more than a decade later, this native son has developed into one of the most internationally respected and influential techno DJ's in the New York scene. Revered for his musical selection, Sumner draws from these earliest of influences to his current unique mix of relentless unforgiving underground techno, keeping the crowd moving on the dance floor while adding an experimental slant sure to please even the most discriminating musical tastes. His uncanny ability to rock the crowd and please the heads both as a DJ and live performer have made him a regular face headlining events and festivals across the US and in 20 countries worldwide alongside some of the world's greatest talent. In addition, he has been booked and held down residencies at all of New York City's top nightspots and parties including Limelight, Twilo, Vinyl, Tronic Treatment, Arc, Sound Factory, Drinkland and Tunnel. David has also been an intricale part of not only the New York/New Jersey Rave scene but the entire US rave scene, headlining some of the nation's biggest events. As a producer and remixer, David has been both critically and publicly acclaimed. Looking back six pseudonyms, nine labels, and thirty-five plus releases later, Sumner's true scope and significance as a major player stand out. His career as a producer began in 1996 with the successful release of his first 12", f(q): The Function of Bandwidth EP for Damon Wild's Synewave label as Function, his best known alter-ego. Since, his music has been appearing regularly on mix compilations, radio show play lists, and charts of many top DJ's like Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Steve Bicknell, Adam Beyer and The Advent, just to name a few. David has gone on to release countless works and started his own imprint and production company, Infrastructure. Infrastructure was designed as a palette to support his own work while including peers like Regis and Ben Sims to do split releases like Inf-06/Symbolism02 and 'The Balance of Power'. In 1998 as DMO, Ulterior Motives, the first release on his own Ctrl. label was played religiously by Body Soul DJ's Danny Krivit and Francois K. and legendary Shelter resident Timmy Regisford (who is currently licensing it for his Shelter Classics label), cementing it's status as a New York house music classic. David is also well-known and respected for his work as the front man of Portion Reform and working closely with Karl O'Connor (Regis) for the UK based, cult techno label, Downwards. Continuing to push techno's outer limits of experimentation, he is the only person outside of Surgeon, Regis, Female and Ian J. Richardson to record for Downwards. David's productions as Richard Harvey (USER01, 02, and 001A) were instrumental towards ushering in a new genre of techno. Released on the USER label, an imprint he co-founded, four of these tracks were licensed by Richie Hawtin for his first Decks, FX, 909 compilation on m_nus/Novamute. His work has also been featured on labels including Theory, Internal, Integrale, and Audio in addition to developing his own imprints Infrastructure, Ctrl., Abuser, Dialect and Annex. He also had a hit with the electro circuit with his N.Y electro 12", VEX, which is revered as a classic by the likes of by Sven Vath, DJ Hell, Adam X and Frankie Bones. David's influence has also stretched to include events. Striving to create a proper showcase for quality techno talent, David has taken the time to produce, book, and coordinate countless events in New York. From one-off parties to his long-running series of Substance events and associations with the legendary Limelight, David Sumner has been instrumental in presenting to the Big Apple some of the World's finest Techno talent. Bi-monthly residencies with Berlin's Tresor club, quarterly exhibitions by Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Green Velvet, and regular appearances by Regis, Ben Sims, Claude Young, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Joey Beltram, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, DJ Hell, Dan Bell, DJ Shufflemaster, Adam Beyer, James Pennington, Steve Bicknell, DJ Pete, Marco Carola, The Advent, Damon Wild, Neil Landstrumm, Billy Nasty, Christian Vogel, Chris Leibing, Mistress Barbara, Christian Smith, Rich Bourque and fellow New York techno stalwarts Frankie Bones, Adam X, and Heather Heart made Substance and Limelight the place to be for techno on the US East Coast. So far 2004 is looking bright for both David and Infrastructure. The latest release is INF-08 Substance vol. 1featuring Function 'Montage' and O/V 'Kes' IanJ. Richardson (Downwards Exclusive) which has already sold out and is receiving critical acclaim. Then in October expect to see INF-09 Substance vol. 2 featuring original tracks and remixes by Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, The 65D Mavericks Olga + Jozef.

Claude Young

Electronic composer, web designer, videographer, sci-fi junkie, apple computer expert & world class DJ, these are but a few of the hats worn by the anomaly that is Claude Young Jr.

This Detroit native who now resides in Tokyo (Japan) was born the son of legendary WJLB (Detroit) radio personality, station founding member and production wizard Claude Young Sr.

After early interest in television production and some experience working as an intern (and later mix show DJ) for several radio programs in the early 90's, CYJ intensified his interest in what he refers to as the art of the DJ. Coached by close friend and mentor Anthony "Shake" Shakir he became a natural almost literally overnight.

His editing & production skills in studio (taught to him by his father & years of experimentation alone) saw him work on a string of records for both independent and major record labels. Musto & Bones, Technasia, Gary Numan, Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Inner City and 4Hero are but a few of the artist either remixed or edited by Young.

He was also cofounder of two of Detroit electronic music's most respected record imprints:

Frictional Records (with Anthony "Shake" Shakir) and

7Th City Records (with Dan "DBX" Bell).

Relocating to London in 1995, Young embarked on a string of DJ tours world wide from Europe to Asia & beyond lasting almost a decade.

In December 2004, Young semi-retired from his DJ activity to start cynet:media with his current mentor & close friend / advisor HG Wells (in Glasgow) and his wife < cynet:media Japan>.

This team includes cy's DJ partner, True People resident DJ & Glasgow House guru Ian Elgey.

The company will focus on presenting electronic music in the most modern forms possible and without musical constraints.

media for critical thinkers and an electronic lifestyle...

Bryan Kasenic

Bryan Kasenic (aka Spinoza) is known in the electronic music world for founding The Bunker, playing adventurous DJ sets, launching an influential newsletter, and starting Beyond Booking.

Although Bryan's peaktime sets consist mostly of techno and house, he loves all music, and has a past that cannot be pinned down to just one genre. He started DJing in 1996, playing psychedelic soundscapes in chillout rooms and on college radio shows (Carnegie Mellon, Rutgers, and New York University). Slowly but surely, he began to play more dancefloor friendly sets that incorporated his interest in the deeper spaces you can go to in the chillout room.

Bryan is also known for his many other roles in the electronic music scene. As a free service to the community, he began publishing Beyond NYC Events, a weekly email newsletter, in 1997. The newsletter became an influential way to promote interesting under-the-radar electronic music events to a large fan base in New York. In 2001, Kasenic oversaw the booking of all of the promoters at Openair, a DJ lounge in the East Village that quickly gained recognition for its forward-thinking music programming. At Openair, one of the promoters he worked with was Magda, who brought in techno luminaries like Zip, Daniel Bell, and John Tejada to play at her first residency in New York City. From 2000 to 2005, Spinoza helped DJ Olive and Jameson run The Agriculture, a record label dedicated to bringing homegrown laptop dub to the masses.

Bryan has thrown a ton of parties and weeklies in New York City, including a 5-year stint at Halcyon with the Undercity weekly. He has put most of his energy into The Bunker since January 2003, eventually turning it into the premier techno weekly in North America, which morphed into a bigger monthly party in 2009. In 2005, he started doing all the booking for the Wolf + Lamb Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg, helping to almost instantly transform it into the hottest after-hours spot New York City had seen in many years. Kasenic went on to curate and help throw many larger warehouse and loft parties with Wolf + Lamb. In 2008, he founded the House-n-Home loft party series with Anthony Parasole, which hosted many legendary loft parties at 12-turn-13 over the course of a year.

Through the Beyond Booking Agency, Kasenic has helped build the electronic music scene nationally by booking his friends and allies in other North American cities. As he has become busier with other projects, he reduced the Beyond roster to just The Bunker residents (Derek Plaslaiko, Eric Cloutier, Mike Servito, and himself) and a few friends, but continues to assist guest artists coming through The Bunker to connect with the right people in other cities.

Bryan produced three events for the inaugural Unsound Festival New York in February 2010, and followed with more in 2011 and 2012. Unsound, Poland's most forward-thinking music festival, brought a bold and uniquely modern program of music to Kraków for seven years before producing a New York edition. Every Unsound Festival edition of The Bunker was highly successful, presenting a cross section of some of the most interesting (and sadly most under represented) electronic music artists from Eastern Europe and the US.

While Kasenic has played lots of big clubs like Panorama Bar, Twilo, Tunnel, and Vinyl/Arc, he honestly prefers small intimate rooms. He has DJed at big parties in New York for PS1 Warm Up, Resolute, Rhythmism, Madagascar Institute, Chengwin, Soundlab, Multipolyomni (at the Kitchen), Rubulad, Complacent, theDanger, the Lunatarium, and NYC Burningman Decompression. He's also appeared in Berlin (Panorama Bar, Watergate, Tresor), Krakow & Warsaw (Unsound Festival), Seattle (Decibel Festival), Boulder (Communikey Festival), Chicago (Smart Bar, Sonotheque), Detroit (No Way Back, Oslo), Philadelphia (Rizumu, Inciting), Boston, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Montreal.

2013 is looking bright for Bryan. In addition to their New York events, The Bunker will continue a residency collaboration with GAFFTA at Monarch in San Francisco, and launch a new residency at Smart Bar in Chicago. After a sucessful first gig at Panorama Bar in September 2012 alongside The Bunker residents Derek Plaslaiko and Eric Cloutier, Bryan was asked back in February and is building a European tour around that date.


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