Stoney LaRue

Stoney LaRue

At 3 years old, Stoney LaRue could be found belting out "Swinging" by John Anderson on his Mr. Microphone radio. The son of a struggling bass player and a nurse, LaRue understood the allure of music at an early age, and recorded his first works at age twelve. He earned accolades through school for his unmatched vocal abilities and promising instrumental talents. Many subscribe Stoney LaRue to the category of artists that are simply natural born performers, just don't try to limit him by category.
From Willie Nelson to Ray Charles, to The Grateful Dead and Kris Kristofferson, LaRue's emerging style impressively blends varied elements of country, blues, and soulful rock into cohesive, vocal driven performances. His abilities earned the immediate respect of then "up and coming" peers including Cody Canada, Mike McClure, Jason Boland, and other cohorts of the revitalizing Texas and Red Dirt circuits (now electrifying audiences nationwide.)

Fans anxiously awaited the August 2005 release of Stoney LaRue-the Red Dirt Album, which hit the Billboard sales charts in its debut week. A far cry from the mixing trailer on the cliff, The Red Dirt Album was recorded with a tight circle of players and professionals in a studio setting. The record was a pinnacle effort for LaRue and has inarguably established his triple threat status as a truly gifted vocalist, player, and performer.

In 2006, Stoney released an addition to the famed Live at Billy Bob's series. His live single, "Oklahoma Breakdown" topped the Texas charts for over four weeks and has ignited Stoney's powerful support as an artist not to be missed. Armed with golden ear musicianship, an amusing wit, and soulful magnetism, LaRue's shows are infused with an uplifting quality, a cathartic barroom brand of spirituality, where venues are complimented for good bar "feng shui," and where time and dimension can be traversed via emotive lyrics and melodic riffs. A charismatic performer, LaRue's flawless vocals can draw a crowd to a open mouth level of sonic mesmerization, and next have them singing "Forever Young" so loudly that you can't hear anything else.

John David Kent

Walking into John David Kent's studio in Celeste, TX you see the walls covered with memorabilia from over fifteen years in the music business. A career that started for Kent at the age of sixteen with a record deal from Mercury Records. Kent was signed as the drummer for the buzz band Radish. Kent spent the next few years promoting the album, Restraining Bolt, on late night TV shows and world tours.

By eighteen, Kent took what he learned and built a studio and started writing his own songs. After he put his time in as a touring drummer for The Lemonheads, and former Radish singer, Ben Kweller, he started his own record label, Blackland/Roustabout Records.

JDK started his latest musical journey in 2009 with a five song EP. One of the songs, "My Girl" became a local radio hit and its video went into rotation on CMT, after it was picked as video of the week. Kent had a new career on his hands. With the momentum from the EP he went into the studio to record his debut album.

Kent's debut album, released in May 2011, is simply titled John David Kent. Kent's album takes you on a musical journey from Texas to the West Coast, only stopping to reflect on how far he's come. With the album he was able to satisfy himself artistically while still appealing to the masses.

While making music has always been a family tradition for the Kent's, JDK has passed the torch to younger brother, Tony Kent, who sees the show every night from the best seat in the house; from behind the drum kit. To complete his live show Kent enlisted, Colton Gilbreath on lead guitar, and Randall Fuller on bass. John David Kent has quickly become one of the hottest new artists in the Texas music scene and is currently on his third consecutive top twenty single on the Texas charts. His live shows are a must see. Each night he leaves everything on stage and makes the audience believe in him and his songs. Texas legend, Ray Wylie Hubbard, best sums up JDK by saying, "This kid, John David Kent, writes lyrics like they were shot out of a Smith & Wesson, has a band cool as Steve McQueen on a motorcycle, and soul where it's supposed to be."

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