Stompy Jones, Possessed by Paul James, Delaney Davidson

Stompy Jones

Little David Rose's thumpin' stand-up bass, the double-shuffle drumming of Lee Beary, and the bounce piano of John Cocuzzi provide the rhythmic foundation of the band's jump style. Riffing on top is the trumpet sound of Robert Dehlinger and Erv Ervin on the saxophone. These two fellas create the fireworks of vintage rhythm and blues. The charming Hank Maninger on vocals and lead guitar have become a trademark of Stompy Jones.

Possessed by Paul James

Konrad Wert (born July 26, 1976 in Immokalee, Florida), known as Possessed by Paul James since 2005, is a one-man band from south Austin, Texas. The music is composed of string instruments including banjo, guitar and fiddle with written roots within folk, blues and punk. He was raised within a small Mennonite Community among pacifists, service workers and transplants during the Vietnam War. He is currently living in Boerne, Texas with his wife and son meeting the music demand by touring, sales on line etc. Currently Possessed by Paul James has starred in The Folk Singer, a film by Slowboat Films in 2008 while in circulation internationally. He most recently toured with Frank Turner of Epitaph Records, Chuck Ragan of Side One Dummy, Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price Suburban Home Records, Jim Ward and others via The Revival Tour in 2009.

In January 2011, Feed the Family was nominated for Americana Album and won the award for Alt. Country Album in The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards.

Delaney Davidson

Delaney Davidson; born Auckland, Northern Island of New Zealand, 1972, age 0. Shipped down to Christchurch in a shoe box at 5 months old after seeing the Rolling Stones play at 2 months old. Voted "Biggest Dreamer" in primary school, and asked to leave Special Dreamers School after being suspended four times at the ripe old age of 14. Left New Zealand and migrated over the ditch to Australia to fail last year of school. Moved back to New Zealand and began his career in the Catering Industry, with training at the Rangiora Training Prison (R.T.P.), learnt to drink Whisky, and was fired from his first job as 2nd chef for urinating on the bar. Moved back to Australia after this eventful year, and started playing music in Bars. "Doghouse" with Nique Needles, Stu Thomas and Mark Di Marzio, soon morphed into the Groundbreaking Band "the Brass Bed". 2002 found him married and living in Bern Switzerland, where he met with "the Dead Brothers" and signed up. After enjoying the various successes of being a Voodoo Rhythm Artist and other projects (Delemmis Caravan Basement Band, the OTIACS, and Alpine Cretins) aswell as 7 years of swiss life, Delaney now spends three months of the year in his homeland of New Zealand and the rest touring. He has twice had to re-issue his first solo album "Rough Diamond" (out on Stink Magnetic Records) and has sold out of his self released second album "Ghost Songs". He tours Solo with his Phantom Band, and has toured and played with "the Mysterious Tapeman", "the Reverend Beatman",

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