Christian Death

Christian Death

Officially there have been over 30 musicians involved with the band. Therefore a historical litany of them all would be impractical.

Formed in Los Angeles and fronted by 16 year old vocalist/lyricist Rozz Williams, the band released the first album "Only Theatre Of Pain in 1982. A dark, sinister style of punk rock. The album gained local success. A year later the band completely broke up

Singer Rozz then joined the band "Pompeii 99' founded by singer, guitarist, song writer Valor.
Rozz took over vocals leaving Valor to focus on guitar. Before Rozz joined Pompeii 99, the band had already released their fist album "Look At Yourself" to much acclaim, which had an apocalyptic theme with a punk rock flavor. The Pompeii 99 had been planning their first tour when it was proposed by their French record company, to merge Pompeii 99 into a new version of Christian Death which after some debate was agreed upon. Thus, began the new Christian Death and the first Pompeii 99 tour became the first Christian Death tour.

Part way through the tour the band stopped in Wales to record songs, some of which were originally intended for the next Pompeii 99 album. The fusion of which led to the unique sound of the classic "Catastrophe Ballet".
Like the first Pompeii 99 album, Catastrophe Ballet had an apocalyptic theme, however the music morphed into something not quite Pompeii 99 and nothing like the first Christian Death album. After the tour the band returned to LA to later record the 3rd Christian Death album"Ashes"which was a post apocalyptic vision of a cold and bleak future.

After confirming the 2nd tour in 85 singer Rozz quit the band. Valor returned to vocals, the band embarked on the 2nd tour. In Italy the band recorded the mini album "The Wind Kissed Pictures", a surrealist view of a mystical past. Almost immediately work began on the 4th full length album "Atrocities" inspired by the atrocities of World War II and the connection to future shock waves. While continuously touring in 87 the band released the 5th and now classic album "The Scriptures", the theme of which explored world religion and how the legacy of these beliefs impact our world today.

1988 Brought us the release of "Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ". This was turning point for the band. The cover depicted an image of Jesus shooting up heroin. This was a full frontal attack by Valor against the Church with a scathing heretical mockery of organized Christianity. The band then found themselves confronted by protesters, riots and bomb threats, These events and the bands imagery and fashion went on to influence the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative, every Goth band on the planet and many others.

1989 saw the release of the double album epic "All the Love, All the Hate" interpreting the juxtaposition between life and death, day and night, man and woman, black and white.

In 1991 came the release of "Insanus, Ultio, proditio, Misericordiaque", with its theme of an ancient dream state.

Late in 91, after being in several other bands and seven years after quitting Christian Death, Rozz was persuaded by unscrupulous profiteers to perform at a concert in Los Angels under the name Christian Death. On the same day Christian Death was in Europe performing in Paris, France. Assuming this was a one time effort to earn extra cash, as explained to Valor by Rozz, Valor ignored the incident and carried on recording and touring, only to later learn that a live album of the show had been released using the name Christian Death followed by a hastily recorded studio album also using the name, which led to a turf war. As accusations and rumors against Valor were spread by the profiteers and financial backers of these unofficial releases, fans were left confused. Valor pushed on.

By 1994, female vocalist and bass guitarist Maitri, (the now 2nd most continuous member of Christian Death) joined the band to record "Sexy Death God" which proclaimed sexual freedom in the face of religious adversity.

In 1996 was the release of "Prophecies" with its theme based on the Apocalyptic prophecies of soothsayers throughout the ages".

Sadly in 1997, Rozz committed suicide. It is believed heroin played a role. No suicide note was found.

In 1998 Christian Death released "Pornographic Messiah" a colorful elaborate return to the sex versus religion theme.

In !999 Christian Death released "Born Again anti Christian"which featured members of Cradle of Filth and a song sung by Dani Filth. The album theme was an assault on Born Again Christians as well as having the first songs inspired by mass murderers . In 2000 the band promoted the album on tour with Cradle Of Filth.
While on tour with Cradle Of Filth, former Cradle of Filth Drummer Will Was Sargenson played in Christian Death.

In 2002, Maitri the second most continuous member of Christian Death released her debut album and band Lover Of Sin with songs and production collaboration by Valor. Later that year Cradle Of Filth guitarist Gian Peres joined Christian Death for the 2003 tour, Lover Of Sin was the support, with Tony Norman of Morbid Angel on guitar, Howard Davis of Evans Blue on drums and Juan Punchy Gonzalez on guitar.

In 2007/8, Christian Death released their 13th studio album "AMERICAN INQUISITION", on the strength of it's success, the band did "FOUR" European tours and one USA tour, all in 2008.

In 2009 Christian Death will re-release "TEN" back catalogue albums on Season Of Mist Records and the touring will continue.............

"Christian Death take a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional morality, with an appetite for provocation that makes Marilyn Manson look like Stryper".- VH1

"One of the top ten goth bands of all time" - Rolling Stone magazine

The Shroud

Combining modern dark rock sounds with a neo-pagan slant, the Shroud weaves an irresistible spell. First manifesting on Halloween of 1991, they have been enchanting listeners ever since.

One Last Caress

Founded in 2005 by Batlord Carcas, it was the beginning of summer. And at that time, Fresno's street punk scene was thriving. . . . . but there weren't any dark punk or deathrock bands performing, or even existing, in the area at that time. Batlord Carcas had met a young man named Zach McGraw at an all ages Goth event, and they became friends. They decided they wanted to start a band together, and within that month, Batlord Carcas met Drake Batelaan - whom he also befriended - and that's when the steps got closer toward making things come together. With Batlord Carcas as Vocalist and songwriter, Zach on Guitar, and Drake on Bass, that was the starting point for the newly-formed group.
On June 6, 2005, Batlord Carcas and his newfound bandmates performed on stage at an Open Mic Night at The Starline. That was the very first gig. Just before the gig started, they acquired their first drummer, Jonathan Rivas (who later moved to Bassist). Batlord Carcas and Zach McGraw chose the name "ONE LAST CARESS" as a name to symbolize the last dying breath of lovers or victims of a tragic death, as well a nod to The Misfits song "Last Caress". The influences everyone agreed upon would be rooted in punk, but dark(er), and more mutated compared to what was commonly accepted in the ears of the locals. The early songs were somewhat similar to the dark, noisy Batcave-oriented sound akin to Nick Cave & The Birthday Party.
One Last Caress performed these Open Mic gigs through summer/ fall 2005, with Shadow making an occasional guest appearance as an additional guitar. Unfortunately, the songs lyrics and musical composition were never recorded, and were later lost in time and memory after the band suffered a little break-up when Zach and Drake had some personal differences, and left the band. What was lost from the lyrics and musical composition was then re-written by Batlord Carcas, and became more focused as opposed to the early incarnation of One Last Caress. By the Summer of 2006, the band had reformed with Shadow on Guitar, Drake on Bass, and Jonathan Rivas on Drums. They did Open Mic nights at Starline once again, then did gigs in 2007, with another line-up change by the Summer of 2007, when Tyler Eroh joined on Drums, moving Jonathan Rivas to Bass. During that period it was a strong & unified time for the band, as they performed the songs "Chainsaw Maniacs" and "Black Wizard." People at The Starline became fans, and it was motivation for the band to keep alive. Batlord Carcas did some demo version recordings of "Chainsaw Maniacs" and "Black Wizard", but the quality was too low to become an album-worthy release. Instead, the songs were posted onto the One Last Caress MySpace page to help promote to potential fans, in hopes to later make a quality album.
Drake became a fill-in, as he chose to focus on fronting A.G.F. which was his Punk Rock band with Tyler Eroh, Jonathan Rivas, and Shadow during times that OLC didn't have gigs. One Last Caress did get to perform one song (Chainsaw Maniacs) for a backyard show in Fresno before the Police came and pulled the plug. 2008 was more of a hiatus for the band, only doing a small number of gigs. 2009 was when things started to become more lively for One Last Caress, and they started to practice regularly. Upon February 2010, One Last Caress performed live at the Chinatown Youth Center in Fresno, CA. It was the next step in getting out there and standing out from the crowd. The next gig after that was on March 5, 2010-- Opening for a hardcore band by the name of Grave Maker. At that show, One Last Caress made the crowd go insane - doing walls of death, circle pitting, slam dancing, singing along - all good review.
The promoters started to book more shows with OLC opening up! April 4th @ Chinatown Youth Center had received good review, too. Pinky by then had joined, which gave OLC dual vocals - further bolstering the dark power of the band. With One Last Caress performing shows at Chinatown Youth Center, the word spread about a DEATHROCK band in Fresno, of all places. By the fall of 2010, the band was thrown through another loop, losing both Tyler Eroh and Jonothan Rivas - initially after the farewell show of A.G.F., which ended up becoming a collaboration set with OLC. There was even a backyard show w/ the Velisha near the end of 2010, in which Drake Batelaan once again took up bass - leaving the drum seat once again to Shadow as the Batlord took up guitar & vocals for the night. . . . after a short set, Shadow took back his guitar as the Batlord took bass. An instrumental set was played, and "Zombies II" was born - later being incorporated into the band's setlist. Against the odds, One Last Caress pushed on, recruiting Seth Carlock / Cesspool on bass, and 3 shows featuring guest drummers - with Shadow as their coach. By early 2011, Bryan Macabre grabbed his kit and answered to OLC's call for a drummer. With a new lineup, and a more defined sound, the band came back with a bang as they blew away the crowd with their by-then expanded list of songs - as well as their ever-faithful fan favorites (including a speed-bullet version of "Chainsaw Maniacs"). With the release of their debut Live DVD and Live album, and with a studio album being published in mid-October, this will be a testimony to the heart and soul of this band's members, their passion for Life, and understanding with Death.



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