Dead in 60 Years Present: Movie Night @ Fulton 55, The Royal Tenenbaums

Dead in 60 Years Present: Movie Night @ Fulton 55

Movie Night's are brought to us by our friends at Dead in 60 Years.

Dead in 60 Years are a group of people with a simple ethos: we're all gonna be dead in sixty years so we better get out and enjoy ourselves. We go do things and film it, we podcast, we blog, we do skits, we try to make people happy. -

Were all going to die, get out and do something!

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenembaums is about an eccentric family of genius' but each of the family members share a terrible burden, their father Royal Tenembaum (Gene Hackman). He is forgetful, rude, a liar, unaffectionate and simply doens't understand his children. His wife, Etheline Tenembaum (Anjelica Huston), forces him to leave the household so she can raise the children herself, he makes little effort to stay in contact with them. The children all grow up to be exceptional people bursting with individual qualities and excelling in different careers, however they are all unhappy with their lives. It is at this time that Royal Tenembaum decides he wants his family back, knowing that they wont accept him he concocts a lie. He claims he has cancer and is going to die with in the next six weeks and he wants to make amends with his family. Etheline takes pity on her former husband and arranges for her three children, and now two grandchildren, to come back to their home and for them all to live under the same roof again. Again Wes Anderson has created a wonderful comedy which is witty and has an unusual outlook on family life. His characters are all extremely loveable and unique, you simply can not help but fall in love with this eccentric family.



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