The Shine Brothers

The Shine Brothers

If The Everly Brothers were invited to The Birthday Party, The Shine Brothers, a liberal dose of melodic mayhem, would be the party favor. Waving the 'psych-my-delic' banner, The Shine Brothers achieve an alchemic balance of sunshine pop song structures and howling devilish rhythms, crowned by dirty woven vocal harmonies. The Shine Brothers' ensemble include Nate Ryan (formerly of The Black Angels), Colin Ryan, Oakley Munson, and Ryan Rapsys.

5th Race ( featuring Craig Foxx from The Greenhornes with Nate Ryan Ex- Black Angels)

5th Race Nate Ryan (Black Angels), Colin Ryan, Craig Fox (Greenhornes) A form of rock and roll, subtle human expression, rising from the residual muck of the great Atlantean deluge, glimpses of the Attic, ladies and gentleman an aggregate known as the 5th Race!



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