Chaos Thompson, Memphis Hat

Chaos Thompson

Chaos Thompson are one of Pennsylvania's brightest young bands (and best kept secrets!) Having set out laying down sticky, funky grooves that people can move their bodies to... they have continued to do this ever since!

Having exploded onto the Pennsylvania funk fusion scene in 2011, Chaos Thompson are gratefully receiving bigger and better opportunities, including their first appearances in West Chester and Philadelphia. Their toxic grooves and funking awesome moves have been leaving filled dance floors in their wake, mesmerisingly and enticing their audiences into "getting their funk on!” With their sensational use of funky instrumentation, often fronted by what can only be described as a "lively and charismatic" vocalist.

Fans of the band however, know that the Chaos Thompson experience can only be fully appreciated when enjoyed first hand: "manic", "energetic" and "downright Chaotic", their unique, electrifying performances make them a funk troupe to look out for in 2013.

The Snapper- "Chaos Thompson.. consistently bring the house down with their ultra-danceable, sticky jams" and "their dedication and professionalism shines through in their music".

Memphis Hat

Memphis Hat got their start in State College, PA in 2009, and has been growing, changing and developing its own brand of Jam/Blues/Rock music ever since. Influenced by a variety of Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Alternative Rock bands, Memphis Hat has established themselves on and off the Penn State Campus at bars, parties and small festivals. Through the creative song writing skills and soulful guitar licks of JD Dronson and Matt McGovern, and the thunderous rhythms of Rory Flynn and Steve Clarke, Memphis Hat has been impressing audiences and growing their fan base everywhere they've played.

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