Bradley Wik & The Charlatans

Bradley Wik & The Charlatans

“Bradley Wik and the Charlatans' debut album “Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest...” proves that Rock and Roll is not dead but it is in fact alive and well.”
- No Depression (Jan. 15, 2012).

This Blue Collar Rock N’ Roll band has appeared on the music scene with a bang. Already picked as a top album of 2012 by several reviewers, featured Radio play and in studio performances on KINK, KPAM, KZME, KXTG with “This Old House” “Friday Night is for the Drinkers” and “Midwest Winters” Bradley Wik and the Charlatans have an album that’s worth a damn.

Born and raised in the Midwest amongst factories and honest hardworking people, Bradley doesn’t shy away from his rural roots. He brings an Alt. Country feel to several of his songs. “Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest…” is a royal mix of roaring guitars over rolling organs and pounding drums, satisfied by Bradley’s raw vocals and a few guest appearances...

Daniel Kirkpatrick

It’s those first few music experiences you have as a teenager that impact you forever. For singer-songwriter-guitarist Daniel Kirkpatrick, performing classic rock tunes for a senior project made an indelible impression on his creativity. No matter how he tried to hide from that formative muse—be it exploring esoteric indie rock or leaving music all together and joining the corporate world—the allure of 1960s rock ‘n’ roll beckoned. With Daniel Kirkpatrick and The Bayonets’ debut, Alibis, he’s masterfully crafted an authentic album of prime modern-vintage rock ‘n’ roll.

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