King Dude

Don't let the inappropriate band name fool you. We had visions of dorky noise rock, or maybe fuzzy garage pop goofs, when in fact, King Dude is something much more haunting and enthralling, initially lumped in with the whole witch house scene, due in part to releases on witch house labels like Disaro and Clan Destine, the sound of King Dude, aka TJ Cowgill, who also does time in Book Of Black Earth, is more a dark brooding, neo-folk, think Death In June, Blood Axis, Cult Of Youth, Sol Invictus, urgently strummed guitars, deep dramatic sung/spoken vocals, the vibe haunting and otherworldly, minor key and melancholy, occasionally strident and majestic, but more often moody and mournful, the lyrics full of blood and sky, earth and fire, death and the beyond, a ritualistic doom folk, channeling the seventies British acid folk of groups like Comus and Incredible String Band through the more modern industrial folk sound of the above mentioned groups. Female vocals add dreamy harmonies here and there, but for the most part, this is dark stripped down twang flecked doom/neo folk that should also appeal to fans of Woven Hand, Sixteen Horsepower, Hexvessel, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Der Blutharsch and the like.

White Mystery

White Mystery rocks a Top Ten Album, ELLE Magazine Brazil feature, Daytrotter session, POWERGLOVE music video, and Sound Opinions episode distributed by American Public Media.
Miss Alex White and Francis White are two siblings born and raised in the city of Chicago that play original, garage punk shows around the world.
Chicago Tribune music editor and Sound Opinions host Greg Kot writes,
"The real attraction is White Mystery, the new duo forged by Miss Alex White, best known as the guitar-wielding blowtorch in her long-running gig with [Miss Alex White and] the Red Orchestra. With drummer Francis White, she reduces her love of soul-fired garage rock to its butt-kicking essence."

Rainbow Gun Show

Rainbow Gun Show is an interactive entertainment experience for humans involving music and art


The maybe 5' tall girl with the guitar absolutely shreds. According to her band mates she's the newest member of The Nones. But no one would have guessed that she learned their set in last three weeks.

The drummer and bassist drive. This band is insanely tight. Breakdowns and riffs are hard as hell and just as clean. All this without mentioning the frontman who plays sax, effects his voice and can occasionally be seen on the floor in the crowd with a microphone jammed in his mouth. - Live Review by Brent Day

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