Save The Mermaids Benefit: Seaweed Shakedown!

Save The Mermaids

Save The Mermaids is a non-profit organization started by a group of friends in Santa Barbara, California whose love for the ocean inspired them to create a program to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Plastic toxicity is wreaking slow havoc on our ocean eco-systems. We noticed the production of harmful plastics growing and general environmental consciousness decliningt. Thus, being avid waterwomen, we decided to take action in raising awareness and providing a solution for the future.

Our goal is to educate the public in a fun and creative way how our actions affect the ocean environment as well as teach lifestyle habits to prevent further harm and benefit the health of the sea. We are continuously learning about issues affecting our world and how we can make changes as individuals to ensure that our world is forever blue and green, beautiful and clean. We aim to bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday knowledge, and to help communities come together to keep their oceans healthy.

Próxima Parada

It all began in January of 2012 when a close group of friends began jamming together with the idea of melding their individual styles to create sincere and meaningful music that keeps a good groove. The streets of San Luis Obispo were their first stage—and over the past year, Próxima Parada has grown musically and stylistically while performing at many of the Central Coast’s premier venues and music festivals. Próxima Parada released Makes You Wanna, their first extended play album on April 12th, 2013. Listeners describe their music as a dynamic blend of blues, soul, jazz, and folk, depending on the song, but the most important elements to their music are interesting rhythms, dynamic variability, and a strong sense of musical integrity. Depending on the venue, they perform sets that range anywhere from unadorned acoustic music that captures the atmosphere of a summer morning clear up to floor-stomping, dance numbers with enough passion to attract any open ears. The members of Próxima Parada live and perform as close friends, so their concerts are always energetic, loving, and intimate.

Sidewalk Affair

Patina String Orchestra


Tickets Available at the Door Join the MERMAID LIFESTYLE which mirrors the beautiful, natural, healthy ocean & our fit & active Santa Barbara community. Come dance with us in celebration of healthy oceans, healthy bodies, and sparkly Mermaids! Come to show us your best seaweed wiggle and dance like the jiving sea. Sidewalk Affair from 7:30 to 9 pm (local) Patina String Orchestra from 9 to 10:30 pm (local) Proxima Parada from 10:30 to 12 am (swimming all the way from SLO!) We want to communicate our core values and intentions to those who are supporting us in the community. We as Mermaids, are ambassadors to the ocean who seek to embody what we work for in the sea: healthy, clean, beautiful, vibrant, full of life, and the right amount of magic and sparkle! We want to invite our community to join us in our pledge to be plastic free for the sea and then celebrate with some dancing! Fresh new Mermaid merchandise will be available for purchase as well 😉

Upcoming Events
SOhO Restaurant and Music Club