Laura Reed

South African born singer/songwriter Laura Reed has been captivating audiences globally with her dynamic vocals, vulnerable songwriting, and inspiring live performances since the age of 16. Starting off in coffee shops and street corners to now creating with Grammy award winners Paul Worley and Shannon Sanders, Laura’s music has been seasoned by influences through her work with icons such as George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic as well as her extensive global travels; a delivery that has hints of Samba, Hip Hop, and African beats.

The Chit Nasty Band

Ecstasy. It fills the faces of fans at the live shows, emanates from the bodies shaking to the powerful rhythms of three guitars, drums, and keyboards. Plain and simple, this band makes people happy.
The Chit Nasty Band is the creation of Christian “Chit” Foushee-Green, singer, songwriter, and keyboardist extraordinaire. Raised in the music of the black church, Foushee-Green knows how to inspire an audience through upbeat lyrics, onstage dance moves, and expert musicianship. His trademark sound harkens back to the funk bands of the 70s and 80s, but with a contemporary flair that reflects the vibrant music scene of Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina.
Foushee-Green has assembled around him a group of expert musicians whose steady, powerful sound gives him the platform on which to freelance. Bassist Kyle Cox, a veteran of Lucky Strike, Lila, Toon and the Real Laww, and En Serenade creates the foundation with bass lines guaranteed to loosen up the tightest bod. Guitarist Jackson Manuel adds soaring, precise leads, and backing vocals that rival any of today’s professional singers. Trading leads and vocals with Manuel is guitarist John Faltass. John’s Sphinx-like expression belies a playful soul whose aim is “to put your head in the clouds while keeping your feet on the ground.” Drummer Evrick Lee, “E” for short, joined the group in 2013. Creative and upbeat, E is described by the band as “the drummer we were always looking for.”

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