Quiet Corral

Quiet Corral is a six-piece band from Lawrence, Kansas. The band incorporates folk and pop elements into their music to create a distinct sound. With four-part harmonies, electric guitars mixed with acoustic instruments, and intricate rhythms, Quiet Corral makes something new and interesting for music listeners. Singer Braswell Roberts weaves melody with narrative adding depth to an already captivating sound. The band is currently recording their debut full-length album.

The Noise FM

"The Noise FM is one of Lawrence's standout acts, playing a tight-as-hell brand of riff-heavy rock that recalls acts like Muse and Placebo..." from Lawrence.com

"Dream Of The Attack...rivaling anything released by The Bravery or The Killers..." from KC Ink

"I would give these guys a big stack of speakers, sit back, and watch them explode..." from KCConfidential.com

"Though informed by the FM radio euphemisms classic rock and modern rock, the Noise FM strives for a considerably more intelligent sound. The Lawrence trio does, however, maintain rock radio's polished accessibility. Tight and technically proficient, the Noise's music is often aggressive but always closely calibrated, with equal attention paid to searing melodies and killer riffs..." from Pitch.com

"Whatever it is that The Noise FM is selling, I'm not only alert, but I'm buying..." from Chicagotunes.net

"What sets The Noise FM apart from other area rock acts––bands with impressive music chops––is a vocal prowess that leaps out of the speakers, that leaves no corner of a dark rock club untouched..." from Presentmagazine.com

"The Noise FM is a polished trio that moved to Lawrence last year after spending their teenage years in Fort Scott, KS. The group's melodic, kick-ass rock tunes take inspiration from top-shelf woodshedders like Muse and Queens of the Stone Age..." from Lawrence.com

"These new kids on the scene play an emotive indie-pop informed by the likes of Placebo, Muse and David Bowie..." from Therecordbar.com.

Cowboy Indian Bear

Cowboy Indian Bear started off like most bands; in search of a name.

When members CJ Calhoun, Beau Bruns and Marty Hillard came together they couldn’t decide on a band name so they traded a buddy a six pack of beer for the one they settled on. For the Lawrence, Kansas-based trio, the name was essential. With featherweight melodies, ghost-like echoes and whirring rhythms they create an ethereal celebration that is tempered with a tinge of classic rock/pop. Reflective of the free association ethos of the music, Cowboy Indian Bear stands as the perfect name for its sprawling, ambitious sound.

The trio began working on material in April 2008. Building from demos that CJ and Beau compiled on the side of their previous project, the group quickly found themselves moving in a unique direction. With each member drawing from a variety of influences the resulting sound is, at once, a singular statement with timeless appeal. In February 2009 they released a self-titled, three-song EP to critical acclaim and a strong grassroots response from all over the Midwest.

Their refreshing take has allowed them to open for such esteemed artists as Peter Bjorn and John, The Appleseed Cast, Murder by Death, and The Republic Tigers. After signing to Kansas City label The Record Machine in early 2010, the band released a 7-inch split with It’s True!, a quintet from Omaha, NE. Eagerly awaiting the release of their full-length debut album “Each Other All The Time”, Cowboy Indian Bear is confident that a six pack was a small price to pay.

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