Mercy Fists is a Melodic, High Energy Rock and Roll band from Fresno California.

DIY ethic post rock/ post hardcore from VA/MA, travels around the country in an old Volvo wagon.

Comrades started as a post-hardcore band in 2008 under a different name, as a fun college project for a talent show. It soon became apparent that it was a more serious project, and during summer break, two weeks of shows turned into a two month tour, and we realized that maybe we could actually do music seriously. Since then, we've had many ups, downs, 20-some tours, almost three hundred thousand miles on our van, but most importantly, we have had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people and make so many amazing friends across the country. We are so privileged to have you in our lives!

Our band has always been influenced by our faith, and that is a bit of a touchy topic these days; some religious people have said some hateful things on tv, or in the spotlight, and much of the mass media has said alot of hateful things towards religious people in general, creating some serious misconceptions on both sides. Something we all feel strongly about is trying to reconcile the differences of well-intentioned people on both sides of that fence, and simply trying to be the example our faith has taught us to be. We hope that we can be a light, and give encouragement, hope, and provoke thought, no matter what your worldview or affiliation.

Clockwork Hero

Time continues no matter what and change is inevitable that’s just a part of life. In the fall of 2008 circumstances left two people with nothing but their passion and drive to move forward and stop waiting for the perfection situation. Being the core members of the central valley based band Crypt Orchid, Sam York and Red Nobles have been playing together for 10+ years and continue on with their new project Clockwork Hero. Hailing from Stockton,Ca they push on with Josh Clarke and Steve Strain. Their style of music is a blend of melodic vocals over aggressive riffs and powerful drums. "We've blended a unique vision of sounds to create our own vibe and nitch in today’s music,” says front man and guitarist Sam York.

Clockwork Hero has been in the studio writing and recording most of 2010, gelling for what will soon be their first album. Already getting their feet wet before wrapping up their debut, they have gone out on a mini tour taking them to Arizona, Nevada, and southern California. "The most important thing to us is the live show and connecting with people, we give it all on stage no matter what, whether there's 5 heads or 5,000." says Red Nobles bassist. Clockwork Hero can be found online at, with already 9,000 plus fans and nothing more then one minute clips of music to showcase what is soon to come. Keep an eye out for Clockwork Hero in 2012. They will definitely be one of those bands you will want to say you heard of first!

Days Under Authority

We are a young band here in Fresno California here to show that real music still exists. To show everyone a good time and show that good music is still out there while making it big.

$6.00 - $8.00


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