Andrew Sheppard & The Gallivants

Andrew Sheppard & The Gallivants

Andrew Sheppard & The Gallivants was formed in early 2013 by front man Andrew Sheppard after his previous band "Gypsy River Haunts" who were an LA based "Western Rock" quartet decided to move on to different musical endeavors. Andrew hails from the mountains of Idaho and has been based in LA for the past 8 years making music his vital platform. The Gallivants consist of Dustin Bradley whom is also an Idaho Transplant, Jason Gilbert an accomplished musician by way of Jersey Shore Pennsylvania and most recent addition Tommy VillaFranca by way of Northern California. The Boys are set to Release Their first E.P. "Trouble After Midnight" in Late July and follow it up with a Northwest tour the same month. "Trouble After Midnight" consists of soulful Country Songs and Rowdy bar bangers so keep your eyes and ears open for whats to come of these fellas.

Travis Martin Band

I am Travis Martin. Montana born and raised. I play emotional tough guy songs. Alt Country with the angst of a 17 year old kid. Accompanied by my good buddies, Marshall Vore, Jon Gilbertson, and Kyle Vicioso, (members of Olin And The Moon, along with myself), we will make your tough guy heart break like a teenage girl, and then we'll shred it apart.

Jackson Tanner

Jackson Tanner is an unapologetic pop-country band... Their songs "Baseball Field" and "Bartender" sound like they would be right at home next to Brad Paisley on a country radio top 20 countdown.

To my knowledge, they are one of the only working pop-country band based in Los Angeles. The best song of their set was "My Kind Of Crazy", which lead singer Brian McGinnis (who with his cap tucked low over his eyes looked like he would be right at home on a shooting range or driving a tractor) admitted was about his girlfriend. It was a moment of rough and tumble tenderness.

-LA Weekly


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