Popa Chubby (a.k.a. Ted Horowitz) is a New York blues singer and guitar player. His angry and aggressive style of blues is influenced heavily by Willie Dixon. Like Jerry Lewis, he is more popular in France than the U.S.

Popa Chubby is a true native son of the Big Apple. He was born in the Bronx and grew up in a neighborhood made famous by Robert De Niro in the movie A Bronx Tale. His parents owned a candy store on the corner of 181st Street and Arthur Avenue. His early memories of hearing the juke box playing the hits of early sixties soul and R&B – and the neighborhood teens flocking around it – made a lasting impression on him. To this day the musical influence of Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye are ever present in Popa's music.

At the tender age of 8 he picked up the drums and became consumed in playing "Wipeout" (much to the dismay of his mother and neighbors). His parents were huge fans of jazz and R&B and had a vast collection of 78's and LPs. Popa would spend hours scratching them up by playing the sections he liked over and over again. When he was seven, his father took him to see an oldies show at Madison Square Garden. Up close to the stage he watched the headliner duck walk across the stage playing his Gibson 335 like a ringin' a bell!! Chuck Berry became Popa's idol. The untimely death of his father when he was nine left Ted living with his old-school Italian grandparents. His love affair with the drums was put on indefinite hold.

Jose Ramos & The Special Blend Band

Jose Ramos and the Special Blend Band. Members, Pat Loomis sax, Noe Socha guitar and harmonica, Timothy "Foxx" Gibson on bass and Myles Walcott on drums. 21 years at Wallys jazz cafe. Beantown Jazz Fest 1st three years. Jose Ramos and the Special Blend Band is an international multi cultured blues and r&b band that will keep you hot and thirsty from dancing to music all night.

Slacker james

Slacker James is a 3-piece band (Guitar, Bass, Drums) playing as many musical styles as possible but based in a rootsy-blues-funk-rock mix of groovin' sounds.

A Ton of Blues

A Ton of Blues was created out of the love for real Blues Music and appreciation for the old school Open Blues Jams that brought tremendous support to the genre. Since then, the band has made it their priority to create quality Blues music.

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