Theatrical, outrageous, and wildly inventive, Twiztid's infectious blend of hip-hop has been stalking the hip-hop scene for years. Now after lurking in the shadows, Twiztid are ready to strike again with the release of their very first mixtape, "A New Nightmare", on July 23rd. Unapologetic, and lyrically ferocious, Twiztid are out to prove to hip-hop fans everywhere that their terrifying brand of dark, sinister hip-hop is sharper than a razor blade.

Twiztid is the maniacal duo of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child, and they have been carving their way through the underground with lethal force since the release of their now classic debut album, "Mostasteless". Throughout thier career Twiztid have been conquering and pillaging the scene with each and every release. They've grace the cover of Alternative Press Magazine, were awarded "Album Cover of the Week" by, been invited to perform on G4 TV's "Freestyle 101", collaborated with hip-hop legends Three 6 Mafia on their multi platinum album "When the Smoke Clears", and appeared on the soundtrack of, the "Backyard Wrestling" Playstation Game. The duo's hustle cannot be contained to simply music, as they added acting to their resume when they starred in the platinum selling DVD comedy movie "Big Money Hustlas" and the 2012 sequel "Big Money Rustlas", which was played extensively on Showtime. In January 2013, Twiztid landed a role in the USA Network pilot for the TV show "Over/Under".

Most recently, Twiztid hit the Billboard Top 200 at #18 with their latest studio effort "Abominationz". The album unleashed a beastly display of lyrical prowess as they created the soundtrack to listeners most intense nightmares. The demented duo were rewarded when the album peaked as the #4 independent album in the country and the second highest selling hip-hop release on the Billboard charts. The album proved that even though they've been in the game for over a decade, Twiztid are still one of the most powerful forces in the underground hip-hop scene today.

With "Abominationz" taking Twiztid to new heights, the group simply refuse to rest in their quest for global domination. They immediately took their theatrical freak show out onto the road for a sold out tour, performing for their rabid fans across the country.

The "Abominationz" tour ignited a creative fire in the group, as they headed back into the studio to record their very first mixtape as a thank you to their dedicated fanbase for their unwavering support throughout the years.

Now invigorated with a new found sense of creative freedom, Twiztid are already planning their very first Canadian headlining tour, as well as the third leg of their "Abominationz" tour across the United States, complete with a performance at Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare festival in October. The demented duo are constantly on the grind working on new music, a podcast, in the development to star in their own movie. In 2013 and beyond, Twiztid are ready tie you up, toss you into the trunk and take somewhere you've never been before. The scariest part is when you don't want to come back...


ABK, born James Lowery, was raised on the eastside of Detroit with an upbringing surrounded by his Native American culture. Being the son of a preacher, he got the advantage of always sitting up front, right next to the piano in church. It was there he began his love and passion for music. To hear the music from the piano, and the voices from the choir sending such strong messages, gave him such a feeling, that feeling gave him inspiration.

He started making music as a young child with anything he could find to make instruments. He participated in Native American schools and in POW–wow competitions. His techniques in traditional and fancy dancing gave him a rhythm to express feeling threw his music and began writing his own songs at 13 years old. By the age of 15, all the kids in the neighborhood were paying $2- $4, to watch him perform "live" in his garage. When they kept coming back for more, he took it to the streets and began starting a name for himself. In 1995 came Krazy Klan, a group formed by himself as Jaymo, and his childhood friend Lavel as J-ho. In that year they released their first album titled "Fustrationz", then releasing their second album titled "develop MENTAL", in 1999. During this time they were doing shows at local hot spots and underground basement parties. In the year 2000, the Krazy Klan broke up and ABK went solo, changing his name to Native Funk, and released his first solo album titled "Rain from the Sun".

After the album, ABK was introduced to Blaze and became his partner in crime, changing his name to Anybody Killa, who we all know today as ABK! In 2001 he began touring the country with Blaze as the opening act for I.C.P and Twiztid. ABK was getting such a huge response from the crowd; Psychopathic Records signed him to their label as a solo artist.

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Due to immigration issues, Mad Child will no longer be performing on this show and has been replaced with ABK.

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