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For the past seven years Folk Soul Revival has produced four albums independently, amassed a significant and loyal fan base lovingly referred to as “The Congregation,” and reached the pinnacle of what some may consider “regional” success, selling out venues across the southeast from Washington, D.C, and beyond. The band’s latest album, Out of the Box, is the band’s most cohesive and ambitious project to date, one that has the band prepping for a life on the road versus a 9 to 5 and gigging on the weekends.

Barry Bales (Alison Krauss & Union Station, Earls of Leicester) was introduced to Folk Soul Revival through his wife, who is a big fan. He stepped in to produce Out of the Box on little more than good-word-of-mouth.

“When there’s an opportunity to produce a band as good as Folk Soul who has that level of talent, that was a win.” said Bales. “I definitely think they have the potential to be as popular and as well received as anybody in Americana.”

Folk Soul Revival’s radio-ready lyrics, driving melodies, and the distinct, velvety vocals of front man Daniel Davis have garnered the band much success with high profile gigs opening for the likes of Travis Tritt, Jason Isbell, Eric Church, Justin Townes Earle, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and more. The band is a favorite act at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion and has also performed at Floydfest and a number of major festivals across the southeast. FSR is also the only act given license to play drums at the esteemed Carter Family Fold, they’ve been told.

“We want to be successful,” says Davis. “We want to be able to book a show anywhere and know people are going to come and see us. With the addition of Chad don’t think we’ve ever sounded better and it just feels better. He’s not on the album and I’m looking forward to writing songs with him.” They needn’t worry about anyone not showing up. FSR fans are fiercely loyal. Lovingly referred to as "The Congregation," the band’s devoted fan community has climbed to more than 22,000 followers on social media and has generously contributed more than $38,000 to fund the band's last two albums on Kickstarter. The Congregation itself is such a phenomenon that it has been the featured subject of its own review by a best-selling author.

Folk Soul Revival is already hard at work writing their next album with Bales slated to produce. In the meantime, the band is taking time to carefully plan its future.

Folk Soul Revival is at the crossroads of major success or being working class artists. Either way, the band doesn’t measure success by any other standard than to please their fans.

Keelan Donovan

Yep, I'm from Maine. Portland, Maine, to be exact. So when you're talking with me, be cognizant of my background and don't hold it against me when I mispronounce the word "room" or "hockey." I'm not doing it on purpose. That being said if you ever hear me complain about how cold it is, kindly remind me of how "wicked cold" it is back home and that "I should know bettah."

I play music because it's how I feel. I like to make people dance. I'm an extrovert that needs to let my emotions out somehow, and music/songwriting is my greatest benefactor.

I draw much inspiration from my time and experiences in the part of the world known as Vacationland - Maine - where you can sit and read a Stephen King book in the same small town in which he so terrifyingly writes about. I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you. My songs are for the most part, happy. With two EPs released and another on the way in 2013, I hope to convey my passion for music to all who come to listen, dance, and sing along. I recently finished my college education at Belmont University and can now be found on the streets, bars, and music venues of Nashville, Tennessee.

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