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Life Leone

Born in the jungle, raised in the desert, and educated on the road as a session musician, Life Leone rolls all of his experiences together into a few confident guitar chords. His debut album, Comes Crashing In, does exactly that - fuzzed out guitars and drums charge their way through to-the-point arrangements, while it's Life's casual and catchy vocal delivery that manages to be the high point. Simultaneously understated and bombastic, with hints of QOTSA and BRMC, Dots & Dashes UK calls Life Leone "fleshy, thunderous sonic pulverization at its most invigorating."

Life Leone tours the US and Europe in late 2013 in support of Comes Crashing In, available on vinyl and digital.


KONGOS is a rock band of four brothers — Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel Kongos. They grew up in London and South Africa and now write, record and perform in Phoenix, Arizona. With multi-million-seller British singer-songwriter John Kongos as their father, they have been surrounded by music, studios and different cultures all of their lives.

Their debut album was released in 2007 on iTunes worldwide and received glowing reviews. Written, produced and engineered by themselves, it demonstrates their wide range of influences culminating in the KONGOS sound. They were named Best Rock Band of Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times.

Their single In The Music reached No. 9 on the influential TuksFM top 40 in South Africa. Other airplay includes Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles, Q101 in Chicago, 98 KUPD and The Edge 103.9 in Phoenix, XFM in the UK, Motor FM in Germany, KNRK 94.7 in Portland, WXPN in Philadelphia and many more. They've played extensively in Arizona and California, including five successful shows at The Viper Room, the most recent being Indie 103.1 sponsored. Their Spring '08 West Coast tour featured a KNRK sponsored show in Portland, interviews and performances on Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles, 98 KUPD in Phoenix, KNRK 94.7 FM in Portland, and a video interview/performance for GoTV Networks.

KONGOS is currently recording their second album and will be releasing a monthly single, starting with It's a Good Life.

Pronounced "KONGOS" – KONGOS is spelled like this:

"K" for Cool, "O" for Awesome, "N" for Knowledge, "G" for Jenius, "O" for Artistic, "S" for speling

There's no "The" in KONGOS.

There is however a "the" in "THEre."

It's not KONGO's, it's not Congos, congas, kongus, kongas, or Jeff.

No relation to Cheick Kongo, the conga drum, the Kongo people of Africa, Donkey Kong, Kongos Norman, Kongos pizza, Kongos Club in Oklahoma,, Kat Kongos, Lasse Kongos, the japanese class of battleship or Kevin Bacon.

Hello Echo captures the reckless spirit of bands like Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and the Pixies, while maintaining their own brand of melodic rock and roll.

Their debut release, "Hello", received national attention, vaulted by their 1st single Coming Days. " [Sean] Aylward' s fleet-fingered guitar lines drive the songs which blend alternative rock, acoustic folk and loud in-your-face ' 60s fuzz." (RELIX – On the Verge April 2011). Produced by Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine, Tea Leaf Green), "Hello is a very solid debut by a band with plenty of talent" (PITCHFORK- Feb. 2011).

After Sean Aylward (vocals, guitar) spent two years touring and recording with Apollo Sunshine, he headed to the West Coast and began writing and recording solo material. While on a surfing trip in Baja, Mexico, an impromptu jam arose with friends and fellow Bostonians, Mike Silva (drums, vocals) and Mike Sarno (bass). The chemistry was immediate, and Hello Echo was born. "Maybe it' s their East Coast roots, which combined with a youthful, laid back West Coast style, that makes for a well- rounded sound." (KEXP – April 2011).

August 2012 marks the beginning of Hello Echo's West Coast tour in support of their new EP, "Coffee Cups".


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