HIJK, Tzigane Society

HIJK is a modern art-pop indie rock trio from Oakland, CA. Their music consists of "hyper late 90’s-style rock, full of addictive hooks and complex riffs" - (The Bay Bridged). After being formed in 2007 and after some transformation, the band is Dave Tsui (vocals/guitar), Trevor Wencl (drums), and Kevin Stein (bass/vocals). They're on the brink of releasing their third album, after The Pen and the Letter in 2007 and RINR<3 in 2010.

Folks they've shared the stage with: Generationals, Gardens & Villa, Sloan, Mother Mother, Straylight Run, Cloud Cult, Cold War Kids, Heavenly States, Birdmonster, Hard-Fi, Diamond Nights, White Rose Movement, Scissors For Lefty, The Velvet Teen, Sabrosa Purr, Cex, and Rainer Maria amongst others.

Tzigane Society

"Chelsea’s vocal is infinitely easier on the ear and the band grab inspiration from world music styles, jazz, 60’s beat, new age and indie pop. It’s a successful attempt to bring something new to the table, and when they hit their stride, they’re pretty special."
Simon M., Leicester Bangs

Electric Strawberry (closing set)

Formed in 2011, this indie blues quartet likes to rock the bars of San Francisco. Missed their last show? Gotta see 'em live. Witness the female singer Deli Magazine described as "the hypothetical love child shared between Ray LaMontagne and Adele." And the band? Badass. Check 'em out... and fall in love.


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