Pharaohs, Sol Doc, The Shape


We are a local band of brothers and we have decided to share our story with the world. We have written a soundtrack to our stories and adventures. Recording out in Early 2013.

Sol Doc

Every song begins with a simple sound, a call within yourself to connect. Dedicated to collaborative elevation and influential vibrations, Sol Doc is on the periphery of the utmost dynamic, soul-binding hip-hop in the modern age. It is universally evident, beat after beat: Sol Doc enthusiastically embraces music as a utensil to enliven our planet. Growing up where nature was his playground, Jeremy Knudsen developed an organic foundation just east of Point Rayes Seashore, in Fairfax, California, a small town nestled behind Mt. Tamalpais. Forever home to his heart, this area has served as his stomping grounds in search of medicine and surf. Sol Doc's existence is devoted to empowering others by showing them their true potential as human and spiritual beings. Subtle yet edgy, his music provides you with a greater sense of unity--a shared vision--a greater sense of purpose. He produces such a gentle, attentive message that belts such powerful and hard-bitten words -- what a marriage. Through meditative and eccentric jams, Sol Doc answers arduous questions through the form of ease and amiability, motion, and true aptitude. His goals are fundamentally focused on showing people their own abilities to connect to spiritual realities by themselves, opening their paths to a higher consciousness. He is a new light to the hip-hop scene. Believing in the heart as a leader to the ascension of consciousness, Sol Doc will perpetually be an unprecedented module of real hip- hop. Jeremy has always treated his life and education as a fine art. Having concentrated on environmental studies and natural medicine in Hawaii, he fuses personal academic aspirations, life's challenges, and life's ideals into electric songwriting. (To stray from repetition, this is where we should include musical experiences, shows, accomplishments and a career path,.. quotes from your songs can definitely be a highlight) Reverencing the Ishayas,' an order of monks surrendering themselves to the healing of humanity through the healing of the self, Sol Doc is a member of society that understands the dire need to serve as a module of compassion. Embodying a mandala, Sol Doc Music is an underground conscious effort dedicated to providing health, wellness and balance in one's life. Influenced by artists such as Tupac Shakur and Living Legends, Sol Doc has hound a middle ground in between the two creating a type of music people can wholesomely connect with. Life always delivers the creative inspiration and energy you need to transform your situation, Sol Doc amplifies this inner truth. His beats naturally have you putting your heart on your sleeve and simultaneously strengthening your soul. If you hear something more honest and beautiful today, you're doing alright. Remember. Discover. Create yourself anew.

A melting pot of fine tuned psychedelia. Known to envoke a dream like state.

$8.00 - $10.00


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