Jeremiah Schraub

Jeremiah Schraub

Jay Schraub was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He got into music at a very young age thanks to his mom who always played music in the house. Jay learned how to play guitar at age 12 when he received one for Christmas and began writing songs at the age of 15. His musical influences are Guns n’ Roses, Oasis, Steve Perry, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, and Buckethead. His writing would be considered a mix of Cat Stevens meets Guns n’ Roses. He has been a part of the music scene since 2004 as part of the bands Gopherian Legion and later Shotgun Blues, and in 2006 formed industrial band Z-R. Since 2007 he has been a solo artist doing what people call Acoustic Grunge.

In Chicago he has had music appear on WGN Morning News, and also on quite a few Radio Stations like VOCALA 98.8fm and SLAM internet radio. He also has been getting some airplay in Seattle and some internet radio stations in LA, San Francisco, and Austin TX.

Jay has performed all over the city of Chicago, and has become a bit of a regular at Silvies Lounge and the Elbo Room where he plays quite often. He also has gone on two tour's in the last two year's taking him to Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle and has started to get a small following at those locations and all over the US.


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