Whiskey Shivers, Moonsville Collective, Sam Outlaw, Wild Child

Whiskey Shivers

"As legend has it (depending on whom you ask, or whoever is telling the story), Austin quintet Whiskey Shivers formed around 2009. Some say they were hatched in a woodpile. Others say they tumbled out of one-a them rancid whiskey bottles and frightened the locals. But mostly, it was a talented bunch of musicians who figured they'd make great music together."

-Laurie Gallardo, KUT Austin

Moonsville Collective

Moonsville Collective is an Old-Time band whose sound is rooted in the various American musical styles found, and often left behind, in Pre-War (WWII) America. The various songwriters in the group work independently and collectively to create a unique batch of String Band, Folk, Country, Dixie and New Orleans Rag music that is sure to warm the soul and induce a jig good as any Cat Daddy batch on the market could. Each member of Moonsville has firm roots in this musical tradition and aim not to reproduce nostalgia of a time forgotten, but rather ressurect the ghost of America’s rich musical cultural history, which most importantly is rooted in community. Moonsville Collective plays community music. The table is large, the harvest is plenty and the drink is ripe. Break bread with us. Everyone is invited.

Sam Outlaw is a country singer living in Los Angeles, CA.

He's just completed his first full-length album, produced by Kelly Winrich (Delta Spirit).

His live band seeks to emulate the musical dynamic of 60s Pop Country and Alt Country with layered harmonies, pedal steel and words that rhyme with 'sad'.

Sam's major musical influences are George Jones, Willie Nelson, Eagles, Poco, Gram Parsons and The Beatles.

Wild Child

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