Katie Boeck

Katie Boeck

With her honest, lyrical poeticism, melodic vocal agility, and heartbreakingly vulnerable live performance, Katie is the perfect combination of roots-y, confessional folk with a contemporary, soulful freshness. Following graduation from UCLA where she gained a loyal fan-base, winning best solo and overall performance 3 years in a row at Spring Sing, the annual concert event drawing over 10,000 attendees, Katie landed a touring gig in an all-female cover band--in India. What she thought would merely be a great way to make her first decent living as a musician, turned into a life-changing, inspiring experience, personally and musically. 5 months later, Katie returned to Los Angeles and immediately assembled a band of her own, refining her sound, and playing venues to rapidly growing audiences in New York and LA like Hotel Cafe, Room 5, Bootleg Bar, Witzend, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Living Room. Katie is, as some have called her, a “revelation". "Think of Carrie Underwood with the virtuoso talent of Beyonce and the quiet soulfulness of Adele." -NBC Universal

Cassandra McGrath

Los Angeles native Cassandra McGrath writes songs about love, loss and the spaces in between.

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