Mary Lambert is good at two things; crying and singing. Nowhere is this better reflected than on her debut EP 'letters don't talk' released in July of 2012. Burrowed away with her friends in the woods of Sequim, Washington recording with the production team of Dungeness Records, she spent 2 years finessing the poignant and earnest collection of songs. In 'letters don't talk', Lambert has carved a niche for herself, winding profound lyricism around breathy, haunting melodies.

As a performer, Lambert exemplifies the traditions of a singer/songwriter while melding a background in spoken-word. With the powerful body-image poem "I Know Girls (Body Love)" going viral on youtube, letters firmly established Mary as a formidable unsigned artist. This status was cemented when the lesbian singer-songwriter paired up with the internationally acclaimed hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to help write and sing their revolutionary single, "Same Love". The track, an honoring of gay marriage, has led Mary to tour nationally with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, allowed her to reach millions by performing live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, VH1, and garnered tens of millions of views on YouTube. "Same Love" has reached platinum in Australia, charted #1 in January, and has peaked at #101 on Billboard. It is no wonder that Mary has become one of the most talked about new artists in Seattle.

Mary is a music composition graduate of the prestigious Cornish College of the Arts. Surrounded by talented composers and faculty such as Janice Giteck and the Seattle Symphony's Adam Stern, it was at Cornish that she honed her classical composition skills, wrote quartets, world music and a full symphony piece for the Seattle Philharmonic. Although established as a bright modern composer, Mary's songs are far from the pretension of academia. Her writing is accessible and thoughtful, and her charisma and sense of humor shine on stage, providing a striking juxtaposition for her thought-provoking and sometimes dark lyricism.

Lambert self-released her debut book of poetry, "500 Tips for Fat Girls", and embarked on a Northeastern U.S and Canadian tour. The book is a vulnerable depiction of body image, rape, incest, and homosexuality. Lambert says of the work: " To me, most curvy women end up having to navigate themselves through a frustrating process to find self-love. I think that that navigation to self-love is universal. This book is a collection of poetry exploring that… I believe in the power of vulnerability. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we have the most beautiful opportunity to find human connection, to see humanity in it's greatest light."

Mary Lambert is also revered as an accomplished spoken word artist. She competed in Russell Simmons' "Brave New Voices" International Competition in 2008 (on HBO), and was a co-founder of Seattle's first College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) collegiate team. Mary Lambert is Seattle's 2011 Grand Poetry Slam Champion and the 2012 Northwest Regional Slam winner.

Hollis Wong-Wear

Hollis Wong-Wear is becoming known throughout Seattle as a woman with the Midas touch. All of the projects she touches are incredibly successful, and the list is endless. At last count she was actively working as a singer, songwriter, musician, poet, artist manager, video producer, mentor, tour manager, and actress. Even just listing that is making me exhausted. It reminds me of those “Hey Mon” skits that were on In Living Color, and makes me feel like I should be getting more work done. Which is to say, Hollis is amazingly inspiring to those around her.
Weaved throughout her work is a consistent theme of helping artists realize their dreams. Her management work with the Blue Scholars has seen them get record-breaking Kickstarter campaign numbers and find unique and creative ways to engage their community. Hollis has co-written songs with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, introduced them to Mary Lambert (who sings on “Same Love”), sings the hook herself on “White Walls,” and co-produced the videos for “Wings” and “Thrift Shop” – the latter of which has over 180 million YouTube views. Speaking of video hits, her own band, The Flavr Blue, has almost 100,000 views for their first single, “F x F.” She also finds the time to mentor teens through Youth Speaks Seattle, giving them a chance to find their artistic voices. This is a girl who went from being a spoken word poet in high school to working with some of your favorite rappers in Seattle, turning herself into a secret weapon that you feel lucky to have on your team.

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