Ministry of Love

Ministry of Love

Ministry of Love from Las Vegas, NV has released one killer debut EP in "A Promise For Forever." This female-fronted pop-punk powerhouse has spent years growing the old-fashioned way...on the road. Ministry of Love have spent the last 3 years on tour throughout the US, racking up 300+ shows, and have the war stories and scars to prove it. Not only did they go through 5 vans, but the last one explo...See More

Public Display of Aggression

We are a group who has endure many trials, tears, and hardships. We hail from, roughly, Denver Colorado. We are a high energy, very aggressive quintet with the sounds of Mudvayne and As I Lay Dying with a message like Rage Against the Machine. We are an aggressive metal group with a punk message. The powerful lyrics and vocals of James Aggression, The guitar skill and speed of Jimmy Shoe, heart stopping powerful Bass of Dashing Kenny Daggers and the gut busting powerful pounding of the drums of Mattitude. All pieced together with some nice rhythm by MANiK. We are the next big thing to come from Denver. Public Display of Aggression will NEVER die! We will NEVER bow! And we will NEVER quit.

Dennis is Dead

We're Dennis is Dead, five friends from Union City California who have been playing live since 2007. Our story goes all the way back to 2003 when Daniel, Michael, and Josh started this band. With the addition of Ray 3 years later and the recent addition of Adam on 2nd guitar, the core of DID was complete. DID has had the opportunity to evolve over the years not only in sound and performance, but in connection to their fans. DID isn't just a band, its a family. If you've never heard our music please check it out on iTunes or how we prefer you hear it, live. Our latest EP was released on Negative Progression Records in the Fall of 2011, and we will be heading out on the road to share it with you. We love meeting new fans and bands that respect what we do. The most important people in our lives are our family and friends, and we consider anyone who supports what we do a friend. Come out and see us at a show and become part of Dennis is Dedicated!!!

Senses To Destroy

Founder- guitarist Sik 1, lead vocals- Jestyer Lastname, vocals- B-Rad, bass- Jacob and Drums- Jordan "shaggz" Acosta
Brush Colorado

Set Your Anchor

Set Your Anchor represent a rebirth of something that hasn't been seen in Southern California in many years, positive metalcore. Once known for it's vast range of metallic hardcore bands that strongly emphasized a positive message (i.e. Throwdown, Adamantium, Taken, Strife, Bleeding Through), Set Your Anchor has grabbed the torch of these past leaders of SoCal Hardcore and is trecking through the valleys and climing up the hills to reignite that flame. Set Your Anchor combine heavy hitting breakdowns, melodic leads and a focused positive message in order to inspire the scene to reach for the stars and that just because a band is brutally heavy, it doesn't mean their songs have to only revolve around destruction and hate. Set Your Anchor prove themselves to be a force to be reckoned with by spreading their message of hope along with an intense live show that has quickly made them a leader throughout Southern California. "For The Hopeless" follows two previously self-released digital EPs, regional touring and consistent growth of crowds at shows throughout the west. Set Your Anchor shows no signs of letting up and will continue to break down barriers in the scene throughout the U.S. and the world.

A 5 piece Southern California melodic Hardcore band from San Bernardino, CA

Greenbrier Broadcast

A new series of transmissions originating from Denver Colorado, Greenbrier Broadcast bridges channels in creating an ethereal yet crushing blend of music rooted in heavy rock. Early communications manifested themselves in the form of a two man duo, steadily increasing in amplitude and breadth until a full spectrum signal emerged from the static. Now, reformed and regeared to launch their aural attack on the masses, GBXC is primed to blow.

$5.00 - $10.00


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