Blake's Tiger Party

Tiger Party is a collective of amazing musicians from the East Coast & Colorado that I have met in my musical travels with Basshound, The Psycho Killers & Damn Right!

It's a rotating cast, each show is unique.
You will like it->


Blake Mobley [DR || Basshound]
Bradley Richmond [Basshound]
Cris Jacobs [The Bridge]
Dave Cavalier [OMB || White Bear]
Fleeb Keith Thomas [Octopus Nebula]
Greg Maly [Basshound]
Jody Mosser [FloJo]
Jon Wood [P. Killers || Jon Wood Band]
Josh Kay [Funk Ark]
Kenny Liner [The Bridge]
Leah Concialdi [Atomga]
Mario D'Ambrosio [Yellow Dubmarine]
Mike Rempel [Lotus]
Nathan Graham [John K || Basshound]
Patrick Rainey [The Bridge]
Seth Fankhauser [The Malah]
Zac Flynn [Eminence Ensemble]

$5.00 - $10.00


Denver Disco presents TIGER PARTY feat members of Octopus Nebula, The Malah, SunSquabi & Dynohunter

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