Good Night Keaton (from Miami Horror)

Good Night Keaton (Miami Horror)

After touring over the last years as a drummer, and making the move from Melbourne to Los Angeles, an introduction is owed to GOOD NIGHT KEATON, aka Aaron Shanahan of Miami Horror.

Writing and producing for a number of years, it was only a matter of time until Good Night Keaton was formed. An ode of exploration into not only his love of classic dance numbers, but with a hint of inspiration from the world that was 1980's comedy as well when names like Chase, Candy and Keaton meant something.

With a series of originals to be released into the fall of 2012, along with a number of well received remixes already released for such respected acts as Gigamesh, Saint Lou Lou, and more, Good Night Keaton begins his move to the centre of the dance floor. A touring member of Miami Horror, Good Night Keaton has grown into Aaron's outlet for dance, disco, and funky production.

I'm Good Night Keaton, and I want you to dance with me.



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