Quite simply, Calabrese is the world's greatest horror punk band and they're coming to get you. Jimmy, Davey & Bobby, three tremendous talents born to the same name, Calabrese. Initially inspired by legendary bands in their freshman and sophomore efforts ("13 HALLOWEENS" and "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW" respectively), the terrifying trio branch out into new territory on their new CD, "THEY CALL US DEATH". Calabrese's new sound rips your head off and leaves you begging for more. With their film debut in THE GRAVES, upcoming comic book and other nefarious plans afoot, Calabrese is poised to take over the world. You'll be glad they did." – Brian Pulido

The Cryptkeeper Five

playing music, losing sleep, fireworks, drinking too much, bunking with def lepard singin' strangers, abductions by satanists, snakes, cockroaches, tony danzas phone number, blood stained mattresses, goblyns, toll both escapades, crazy euro anti-religion dance parties, losing drunkin members after hours, light saber theives, balls - lots of balls, short shorts big boots, and a bunch of insanity we should try to forget

Johnny Neutrino and The Secret Weapon

Johnny Neutrino and The Secret Weapon are a band of rock and roll super villains bent on saving rock and roll and destroying the world. JNSW combine catchy hooks with fierce guitars, a driving rhythm section and dynamic on stage performances to create what is undoubtedly the greatest musical experience in the entirety of recorded history.

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