Oakhurst's latest offering Barrel (their 5th), was produced and engineered by Joe Pisapia (K. D. Lang, Ben Folds & Guster) and wasrecorded at his own Middle Tree Studios in Nashville, TN. WithPisapia and Oakhurst front man Adam Hill's collaborative songwriting and Pisapia's guitar performances, Barrel takes a noticeable turn from the bluegrass tendencies that characterized the band's previous efforts to a more genre-bending Americana and Bluesey reverberation. The arrangements and the harmonies are tight, pushing the songs towards a much broader audience with mainstream appeal.

Oakhurst has cultivated a more organic and mature sound, while seeking connection and inspiration from every audience they perform in front of. Barrel, being released on the band's own imprint OakHorse, was a 2 year labor of love minus the whiskey that notoriously surrounded their songwriting in the past. With members coming and going throughout the process, Barrel features the breakout song 'Out West' which is a collaboration with Oakhurst's newest member, Daniel Lawrence Walker and an outstanding guest fiddle performance by Jeremy Garrett of the Infamous String Dusters.

Barrel is full of surprises and will keep fans both new and old wondering what comes next.

"When you get right down to it, it's all about the music, and while the music Oakhurst makes on Barrel isn't the kind that defies description, it's definitely the kind that defies any one description. The result is a perfect snapshot of an upward-bound quintet that's as broad-ranging as any you're likely to hear all year." ~ Jon Weisberger, Nashville Blogger
(April 2012)

The Congress

Evoking emotions that you thought had long passed – the feeling of your first cigarette, or the way you feel listening to a worn vinyl as it warmly crackles against the sound of a summer night – The Congress is naturally compared to many names and styles of years gone by. But drawing such comparisons is, in many respects, a misguided endeavor. Misguided not because you'd be wrong, but because you'd be missing the beautiful point – The Congress are a natural evolution of more than 60 years of purely American music. With a spirit rooted just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and now calling Denver – "The Queen City of the West" – their home, they've got enough soul, grit, and have spent enough time in the woodshed and on the road to call them pretty much whatever you want. But whatever words you think you need to describe their contribution to the American music tradition – save your breath. The Congress plays Rock & Roll.

"...recently knocked the socks off JamBase Associate Editor Dennis Cook when they played San Francisco, evoking everything from Wilco to Little Feat to Weezer and still sounding like very much their own band the whole damn time" -

"Harry Nilsson meets Blood Sweat & Tears at Randy Newman's House." - Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Solid rock and roll mixed with some Southern R&B and finished with a little psychadelic improv. That's Denver-based band The Congress' recipe for a good time." - Vail Daily

"The intrinsic harmony between the members is evident on their debut EP. The group's self-titled seven-track disc, recorded at Macy Sound Studios, encompasses vintage R&B textures, Appalachian harmonies and free-form psychedelic solos." - Denver Westword

"The Congress has established itself as a passionate, soulful live act, with rich, stirring songs" - Denver Post

"These Virginia boys turned Coloradoans are cold-blooded assassins of song and soul." - Colorado Music Buzz

"You can't really understand until you see them live... to hear art this good, to experience such a series of incredible moments is not something you forget...Their self-titled album is phenomenal, and each track blows me away." – Magazine 33

The Grant Farm

The Grant Farm is an exciting new collaboration of two of the hottest acoustic musicians on the scene today. Tyler Grant (guitar) and Andy Thorn (banjo, guitar) have been bandmates in the Emmitt-Nershi Band for the past two years. When not on the road with Billy and Drew, these two musicians need a creative outlet for their own music. Since Tyler moved to the Front Range last summer the duo have performed dozens of shows in the area sometimes joined by Eric Thornin or Benny Galloway on bass and Jordan Ramsey on the mandolin. The duo can be heard alongside Nershi and Emmitt on the latest acclaimed Emmitt-Nershi release, "New Country Blues"

Tyler Grant is a versatile guitarist who has made his mark on the Flatpicking scene, winning most major contests including the National Flatpicking Championship in 2008 and the Merlefest Doc Watson Guitar Championship in 2009. He was an original member of Adrienne Young and Little Sadie, has performed internationally with April Verch and Abigail Washburn, and has been the guitarist for the Drew Emmitt Band for four years. "Tyler Grant's name has been popping up everywhere in the acoustic music scene over the past few years. His new CD 'In the Light' shows why."-Flatpicking Guitar magazine.

Andy Thorn was raised in hotbed of musical activity in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. After graduating from UNC-CH with a music degree, he made big impressions on audiences across the country as a member of Larry Keel and Natural Bridge. Although banjo is his speciality, Andy is an outstanding multi-instrumentalist with a powerful approach to guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. His first western stints were with The Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band and the Colorado Playboys, but since moving to Boulder two years ago to join the Emmitt-Nershi Band has become a musical hero of the Colorado scene. "Andy is a young banjoist fast emerging as one of a new generation of hot pickers. His CD 'Bolin Creek' establishes him as a rising star in bluegrass music." -Bluegrass Unlimited

The Giving Tree Band

"Their own folk and refreshing"
(Paste Magazine)

"The folksy bliss is the sound of a group playing as one"
(Relix Magazine)

"Joyous and unrestrained...The Giving Tree Band is the real deal"
(The Huffington Post)

Led by enigmatic brothers Todd and "E" Fink, The Giving Tree Band are making their way to the head of a classy class of young American songwriters and performers. The Finks extended their brotherhood to all 7 members and started out with only a collective heart as big as the ocean. They now wield a wide array of instruments from acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitars and banjos to violin, mandolin and pedal steel . A band's band, they all live together, travel together and do everything as one family, harmonizing their voices and lives on and off stage. The Giving Tree Band is not reinventing but simply reuniting rock and roll. With their down-home style, they emphasize the virtue in their fierce virtuosity - approaching each note with integrity, each part with humility, each song with honesty and each show with gratitude. The most common word among reviews is "undeniable" in regards to the chemistry on stage, the energy in the room, and the feeling that something special is happening. With a rare combination of stirring musicianship and exemplary songwriting, the GTB wheel is in full spin and, like their heroes before them, it's also on fire.

Kris Lager Band

Kris Lager Band is a Nebraska born group who have dedicated their lives to playing Soulful, original music.

With Lager on guitar and vocals and Jeremiah Weir on keys and percussion, the guys have a chemistry that comes from playing well over 1,000 shows together and the word is getting out that they are both powerful and unique. With their "Celebrate Life" mantra and working class musicianship, the show is constantly evolving as the lines between Rock, Soul, Blues, Trance, Zydeco, Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Hill Country Boogie blur into a sound that is truly their own. Their focus is not only on good sounds but also good Songwriting. When Kris sings you can tell that he feels every word and lives every emotion as the songs evoke everything from Joy to Sorrow, Celebration to personal Meditation. And, longtime sideman and Hammond hauler Weir continues to amaze audiences as he has proven to be a slammin' drummer and all around addition to the Groove.

Together with Rockstar drummer and MC extraordinaire John Fairchild and burgeoning bassist Brandon Miller, they have traveled the country and honed their craft. Never resting on past success and always working in new material, it's undeniable that Kris Lager Band is the real deal. Good people, good music, and a Real Good Time.

Leon Joseph Littlebird

Leon embodies the spirit of Colorado. With roots in both pioneer and native cultures he understands the magic of the mountains and the South West. His great grandfather was one of the original settlers in Blackhawk Colorado, and his great-uncle was a classical composer and performer in Silver Plume and Georgetown. This connection to the rich history of Colorado comes through in Leon's music. A prolific songwriter and performer, his unique style tells tales of Colorado and the people of the west. His performances shape compelling stories into a musical show that leaves audiences asking for more.

Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels

"Casey James Prestwood and his band the Burning Angels are keeping the country-rock tradition alive and well in Denver these days. Far from traditional indie-rock hipsters, Prestwood's songs are timeless, twangy stories meant for front range saloons and dance halls. If the late night scene on Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee could talk, they'd sing you a Casey James Prestwood tune. Drenched in the honest twang that made Gram Parsons and Hank Williams household names, the classic crooner's carefree vocals and careful guitar playing feel more like country than a worn-in pair of cowboy boots."

$30.00 - $75.00


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