Stuck On Planet Earth

Stuck On Planet Earth is a 3-piece alternative rock band from Vaughan, Ontario, that possess a certain intrigue and raw energy about their live performance that calls on people from the back of the room. It’s that Stuck On Planet Earth feels like they sound, and that’s real. It’s the seedy back-stories about heat and lust, love and loss that this band tells so well, and it’s wrapped up in a gritty, bare bones, from the gut sound, that has them speaking to our most human emotions.

Stuck On Planet Earth is a band that will draw you in on their honesty, turn you on with their intensity, and provoke you to feel again.

TEDD is the future of Pop/Rock music. Based out of the GTA, this group of six provide a unique sound of high-energy dance music including adrenaline-pumping anthems, sweet cello strokes and electric hooks guaranteed to get you moving!

The Astro Droids

A long time ago in a Roncesvalles far, far away...

Alex St. Kitts began piecing together grooves that would become his future band's funk-rock repertoire. Using his bass guitars, his laptop, a Squier Telecaster and an iPhone, Alex built his songs from the ground up in his bedroom. This eclectic creative period involved anything from day-long sessions behind the computer with guitars in-hand, to quietly singing melodies to his iPhone on the 504 King line while neighbouring passengers looked him over with disengaged curiosity (to them, seeing a embearded bachelor humming to himself on their commute is nothing out of the ordinary).

Realizing that he wanted to hear these songs through more than his tinny computer speakers, Alex St. Kitts set about putting together the line-up of talented musicians that are now known as The Astro Droids. The first two Droids to join Alex's band were guitarist Will Hebbes and drummer Robin Claxton. In the stone-walled basement of Alex's Roncesvalles apartment, the trio built upon Alex's recordings and brought them to life. Hard-hitting grooves fused with funky overtones became the essential programming of these Droids.

With the band's inaugural July 2011 performance looming, Alex expanded St. Kitts & The Astro Droids by adding two backing vocalists to support his lead singing. The team of vocalists added a depth to the melodies that is rarely seen in minimal-instrumentation pop groups. The result? Well-received performances that promise many more to be booked for the coming months.

Rough Gentlemen

In 2012, Jonathan and Michael started working together. After a heavily common taste in music they started sharing rejected ideas and lyrics at work. Then, after a year or messing around, they recruited Simon and Kevin to complete the line up and here they are now, Rough Gentlemen. A group of young hard rock and rollin' kid-os with no cause beside that of wich is making genuine rock 'n' roll.

$10.00 - $12.00


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