Little Boy Jr.

Little Boy Jr.

Chicago powerpop with sax

Tommy Gun Geisha

The Hold Steady meet Bob Dylan. When trying to describe Cousin Dud one usually is unsure where to start. Impulse says to speak to the raw emotion that comes out in the delivery of the songs, but then it seems the content of the dark, yet beautiful storytelling would be undermined. That’s why they’re rarely compared to just 1 other band. It’s always a combination of 2 to make sure the full range of their music is captured.

The Heavy Machine

The Heavy Machine came together in the fall of 2011, gaining residence at a local bar and gigging around the Chicago Suburbs. Kristen Kridle (Guitar/Vocals/Songwriting), Justin Spencer (Bass) and Zack Darce (percucssion) have been building their arsenal from fragments of genres ranging from Bluesy Garage Rock, to Jazz and Funk; combining these elements to make a new sound of their own. Each with their own style to add to the mix, the three-piece clicked instantly. Their goal is short and sweet: to play music as much as possible, to connect with other musicians and music lovers alike, and to enjoy the ride.

The Uglies

Music to count your freckles to

Possum Posse

The Possum Posse is a sardonic honky-tonk/bluegrass band. They consistently win over audiences by playing memorable originals as well as mashed-up versions of urban cult-classics and girlie-pop favorites.

The band was formed in 2002 as Rascal Red and The Possum Posse to entertain a house party in Clyde, Texas. Though various incarnations of the band have existed, the current 5-person lineup has been playing in Austin since 2009.

The band uses its rural persona as a disarming agent, but tries to defy hokey country stereotypes.

The band's original songs offer a glimpse into the life of an egocentric, clueless, yet somehow literary, ranch hand and his buddies. Topics include growing a mustache for love, dealing with the recently-announced homosexuality of a grandparent, pocket-dialing, and losing a LaBouche CD, and the associated emotions of each.

In addition to originals, Hip Hop songs and girlie-pop cult-classics that have been "stumbled upon" by the band while listening to the radio are covered and mashed up with each other. Bone Thugs in Harmony's "Tha Crossroads" single, left in one of the band member's tape deck by his older cousin, has been discovered by the bass player and taught to the rest of the band. The banjo player's 7-year-old daughter has convinced the band to play a Hannah Montana song for her birthday. Fun ensues.

The band thrives on an energetic crowd who loves to sing along, even if The Posse's style of music differs from that in which they originally heard the lyrics.

Derby Soul

Derby Soul is an original Blues/Rock/Pop quintet from Chicago, IL.

Phil Riley and The Sweet Boys

Phil Riley has been writing and playing music since 2008. He has played in numerous bands including The Good Tangerines, Tommy Gun Geisha, Iron Tigers, Little Boy Jr., Andy Van Slyke and many more; as a drummer,singer, and guitarist.



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