The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze, with deep musical roots sprouted in the Midwest, have scored their lives at each twist and curve. While starting out as a party band at Indiana University, their forthcoming April 28th release “Without a Sound” illustrates their increasing musical maturity and creativity inspired by their new home in Los Angeles.

If maturity comes with experience, “Without a Sound” reflects this. The Main Squeeze has spent several years building their foundation since being championed by producer Randy Jackson: they have played Red Rocks; shared the stage with The Roots, Aloe Blacc, Jane’s Addiction, Umphrey’s McGee, and Trombone Shorty; and performed at music festivals like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Summer Camp, and High Sierra.

The Main Squeeze is a blend of soul and hip-hop, funk with rock. They know their sound is “soulful, powerful, and unique” (Newman). Rolling Stone agrees in their recent critique of a live show: “Lead singer Corey Frye’s powerfully soulful vocals forms the foundation of an energetic set.”

These underpinnings are important yet The Main Squeeze’s true focus will always be to “strive to reach people” through their beat loving heart in their music. “We are devoted to making great music for people to get lost in and to feel real emotion and love, and also to dance and enjoy life. And it’s only just the beginning” (Newman). Billboard believes they have touched on this goal: “Funk runs deep in their DNA. Dare you not to two-step.”

The beats on “Without A Sound” are plentiful and it is balanced with emotion, a mix of vocals, and instrumentation of the band. Their vibe is simultaneously timeless and futuristic as they are inspired by the greats, yet have found a way to infuse their own genius into the mix.

The Main Squeeze appeals to your head, heart and body.

Watermelon ft.

Rock funkers Watermelon team up with NYC rappers Kwame Darko & MH The Verb to bring you a heavy dose of funk infused hip-hop rock n' roll. This reoccurring side project combines the tremendous energy of Watermelon with the powerful lyricism of Kwame Darko & MH The Verb. This team has performed several shows over the past 6 months since their inception, including opening for Big Sean and Kids These Days. Expect an EP this winter and more shows to come. You can check out Watermelon at; Kwame Darko; and MH The Verb at Later haterrr!

Born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Kwame Darko embodies diversity in an ever-changing music industry. Fortunate enough to have grown up in an environment that embraces all social and economic walks of life, his passion for music and excellence creates a strong formula for success.
His love for music began at a young age but it wasn’t until high school that Kwame and a local following realized his passion was more than just a hobby. After being selected to appear on a Def Jam bound recording compilation several doors opened and Kwame set out to pursue his passion fully.
Kwame’s success as an athlete led him to the University of Maryland, where as a member of the school’s nationally-acclaimed soccer team, he managed to find a balance between academics, music, and a demanding athletic schedule.
Since moving to New York to further his career, Kwame has performed at renowned venues like The Fillmore, Rock and Roll Hotel, and Music Hall of Williamsburg to name a few in addition to a wide variety of popular clubs and lounges across the country. Having gone on tour and appeared with artists like Big Sean, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, and Sean Paul, Kwame’s resume is far from lacking. Beyond the stage, Kwame’s eye for talent, songwriting, producing, business savvy, and overall marketability proves his value as an asset at any level in the music industry.

I am a whiskey drinking, boat shoe wearing, MC/DJ/Producer who currently resides on a Megabus between a pair of imitation BeatsbyDre Headphones. Still in a committed relationship with my first love, Hip Hop. However, I tend to have affairs with other genres. My iTunes playlist consist of everything from Oasis to Immortal Technique. But, I'd rather experience music live. Or, recreate it with my band. My rhymes are more often about student loans then "ridin spinnaz". I won't own a chain. But, I'd totally rock a grill. Baseball is my favorite sport. Olivia Munn is my celebrity crush. And, I can quote all of season 3 of "The Wire". I vote because its my responsibility. I walk between the lady and the street. I live my life with passion and love. Follow the golden rule. And, I believe in Good People, Good Vibes, and Good Art. #BalloonUP

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