Totally Elvis

Riding the streets of San Francisco atop his mighty steed is none other than Mr. Elvis Presley. Or is it? Lloyd Aron Douglas, a mounted police officer in San Francisco, has another job upon the stage. When he's not riding horse back along the streets, he's singing the hits of Elvis to an adoring audience. But Lloyd wasn't always a mirror image for The King of Rock and Roll.

For many years, Lloyd has been singing and playing guitar for his choir, developing his already beautiful voice into the voice from the past everyone knows and loves. But singing and performing aren't Lloyd's only jobs or passions. Lloyd trained to be a horse cop in San Francisco, and from a beginning of working as a mounted police officer and taking care of his horse, he now trains horses and other police officers.

While working as a horse cop, his lieutenant and others began to tell Lloyd he looked like Elvis. Eventually, the name stuck. So it's no wonder why when Lloyd was heard singing his Elvis tunes in Tahoe, he received the phone number that would change his career forever. It was then that Lloyd started his career as an Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) and took on the stage name Totally Elvis.

Not only do his looks give him an edge in the Elvis Look-Alike business, but also his costumes. Lloyd wears special jumpsuits made by a woman in Tennessee who was once a part of Elvis' crew. His jumpsuits are sewn with the right amount of flair and fringe to give him the kick he needs to truly be seen as The King. Even from the time before he was born, Lloyd was bound to have a little Elvis Presley in him - while pregnant with Lloyd, his mother used to sleep with a picture of Elvis under her pillow. From what we have today, it seems a lot of Elvis' burnin' love made it to Lloyd.

Lloyd Aaron Douglas, currently a resident of the Bay Area in northern California, performs his tribute shows in honor of the king of Rock & Roll - with an act that will rock your world. As a tribute artist he holds all the keys to making your experience a night to remember. His looks, sound, and his attention to every detail makes his show a truly great tribute to the King of Rock & Roll.

This award-winning singer has performed in public and private events, radio and television, touching his audience across all ages. Lloyd's vocal range which he developed over three decades equals that of Elvis. He brings to the stage not only a dazzling performance but his wardrobe of dynamic costumes, from the famous gold lame jacket to the unforgettable jump suits which are tailor-made for Lloyd, by Janet Tegels at Professional Costumes in Tennessee, following Elvis's original patterns and intricate details of rhinestones and elaborate embroidery.

Even his guitars are perfect replicas from The Elvis collection. including
• A modern replica Black Gibson acoustic Dove guitar with the "Tae Kwon Do" emblem and Elvis Presley's signature.
• Blond Gibson acoustic J 200 Jumbo with the Elvis Presley name.
• A 1963 Gibson Super 400 CES Electric guitar.

As an accomplished performer Lloyd has performed for audiences from 5 to 1,000. Utilizing his skills as an accomplished singer/musician he feels equally comfortable in front of a full orchestra, 9 piece bands or singing concert quality tracks.



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