Dance Party DJed by Glass Lux

Dance Party DJed by Glass Lux

Glass Lux formed in October 2010 when producer/DJ Alfonso Mayen met vocalist Emily Morse. Known as "Le Fonz" around his hometown Chicago, Alfonso started playing and writing music at a young age, going on to play in various local bands such as Perfect Kiss and The Last one. Emily, a Chicago transplant from Okemos, MI, had fronted many bands in her hometown but was looking for something more electronic to showcase her unique vocal style. She reached out to Le Fonz, and the resulting project led to a slick dance-and-synth-heavy sound showcasing Le Fonz's catchy production and Emily's hauntingly mature voice.

Set to release new single "Disco Light" with video to follow in summer 2013.

with Late Night DJ Sets by:

Le Fonz (of Glass Lux)
Psalm One
Fess Grandiose (of Impolite Society)

Taught Abroad

Taught Abroad is the one-man recording project of Chris Sadek, a Chicago singer, musician and producer.

Chicago one-man band Taught Abroad has just shared his brand new release Harmonizer with music site ThrdCoast. Harmonizer finds Chris Sadek (the man behind Taught Abroad) delving into multiple genres to create a fascinating aural experience.

"In four songs, Taught Abroad morphs into different shapes using a palette of sultry synth washes, muted dance beats, emotive strings (he is a trained cellist), and an effortlessly expressive and beautiful voice."
- Laura Kerry, ThrdCoast

Le Fonz, Psalm One, & Fess Grandiose DJ Sets


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