Leopold And His Fiction

Leopold And His Fiction

We tend to remember artists that walk that fine line between chaos and control. Teetering on the edge of oblivion, and just stepping back always makes art, in any medium, that much more exciting. In pop music, when an artist or group works from a formula, and warps and bends that formula, it's a beautiful thing. Austin based, Leopold and his Fiction is one of those groups. The band is a stripped-down outfit that spices its folk-inflected rock 'n' roll with heavy doses of garage and bits of psych.

At the center of the machine is songwriter and Leopold founder Daniel James. He grew up in Detroit, a melting pot for music if there ever was one, and found his way to San Francisco.The group morphing into a trio and then a quartet, finally settling on its current lineup: James on guitar and main vocal duty, Peder Gilham on bass, Dorian Colbert on drums and Jazz Mills also contributing vocals. -KUT.org, Paul Carrubba

Swim In the Wild

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