Family Groove Company

Family Groove Company

Family Groove Company is a four piece band from Chicago that is turning heads and catching ears with a sound that is uncannily fresh, and live performances that simply envelop audiences in the fun, excitement and passion that the band radiates from the stage. Growing audiences everywhere FGC plays attest to the impact the band is beginning to make, as they bring the excitement of their live performances to ever growing venues, in more and more cities across the country. Appearances at most of the Midwest's major music festivals (Summer Camp, 10,000 Lakes, Summerfest) have helped along the way, headlining appearances at other festivals (Farmapalooza, Feel Good) point to the great things to come, and the over 25,000 live CDs that have been distributed all over the country speak for themselves. Family Groove Company is a band that music fans should not miss.

FGC integrates the groove sensibility developed by funk/jazz crossover artists like Herbie Hancock and Medeski, Martin, and Wood, with thoughtful, tight song writing that takes cues from the likes of Steely Dan and the Beatles. The result? An infectious, fresh sound the band calls "groove informed jazz/rock." In April 2006, FGC released their second studio album, The Charmer, and delivered on this sonic vision with uncommon clarity and excitement. Jazz harmonic ideas encounter thick grooves, and improvisation negotiates tight song writing, as each track brings shape and contour to the band's sound. A fierce attentiveness to composition complements FGC's passion for improvisation, and the band offers a sound that captivates audiences ranging from the most casual music fan to the most critical musician.

Madison, WI's Jam/electronic band, Wook has drawn on influences from all genres. A mix of jam, progressive rock, singer songwriter roots, and electronic instrumentation, the group creates a sound that is ever changing. This youthful approach to music is mirrored by the youthfulness of the band. Only in their early twenties, Wook has seen great success with sharing their music for all to enjoy. Stressing a fun and inclusive atmosphere, Wook shows have grown to become a must-attend party. As the group continues on their musical path, it is clear that the best is yet to come!

Since 2008, Wook has been spreading it's reach all over the Midwest, in markets like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. Participating in festivals such as Summer Camp (2010 & 2011), Jammin' On The Wolf (2010 & 2011), and Grateful Garcia Gathering (2009, 2010 & 2011), and sharing the stage with acts like Conspirator, Future Rock, Family Groove Company, Strange Arrangement, Zach Deputy, Steez, Ultra Violet Hippopotamus, Roster McCabe, and The Coop, Wook has begun to carve out its own niche in the growing jam scene. Through their fresh take on instrumentation, song composition, and life, Wook inspires audiences and fans to join in the party and the music.



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