Vayden by definition is knowledge. The knowledge that the art of life is play. We don't play for product or pay. We don't play for notoriety or fame. We don't play to achieve an end result. We play because life is a game. There are only two things you can do with a game, let it sit and collect dust, or play it. It is our philosophy to play the game we love well and to always remember those who love us for it.

Vayden formed in Phoenix AZ in 2005, a city who's name is synonymous with rebirth. We have since shared stages with many amazing artists, been on national and international tours, received extensive radio play and have played festivals for thousands of people. We now reside in Los Angeles California where we have just wrapped up our third record, "The Maria Magdalena Session", a live acoustic CD/DVD recorded in a 100 year old church in Marne Germany, set for release March 16, 2012. Previous works include our debut album "Children of Our Mistakes" and a self titled EP, released in late 2011. Vayden could be categorized as a rock band but our influences span many generations and include everything from The Beatles to Patsy Cline, from Frank Zappa to Tool, from Tom Petty to Led Zeppelin and if you mix in some motown, a touch of classical and maybe a little jazz you now have a portion of the raw material that makes up Vayden.

The members of Vayden are: Curtis Casey, Armin Peterson, Jeffrey Covey and Bruce Weitz. We are four guys with common interests and philosophies and it is our intention to share the discoveries we make in the art of life and music with everyone who cares to listen.

Enjoy the game.

The Shakers

“If it doesn’t fit in our Honda Element, then we don’t play it.” Not a bad M.O. for a group of talent on the rise – just cut the crap and rock out. That said, meet THE SHAKERS from Los Angeles – a fun-loving yet gritty brand of good old fashioned rock n’ roll, fronted by the ever-so-charming and undeniably heart-warming Jodie Schell.

Just when you thought every musical hybrid had been realized, LA’s THE SHAKERS have emerged as the missing link between soul and grit-rock. Previously described as “The Black Keys meets Heart” or even “AC/DC meets The Supremes,” The Shakers are able to peak potential listeners’ curiosity without even requiring the proverbial “listen.” All comparisons aside, the 4-piece outfit has created something truly original and charismatic – a brand of modern music that the ill-remaining music industry has been so desperately aching for. Loud, unapologetic, and masters of the stage domain.

The project started in 2009, when guitarist and musical catalyst Chris Lee relocated from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in hopes of igniting some inspiration via the rays and glitz of Southern California. On the evening of his arrival, Chris coincidently met Jodie Schell – a dynamic vocalist with unparalleled range and charm who immediately became the perfect fit. “The night we were introduced I didn’t realize it would only be a year or so before we’d be selling out that very room we were standing in,” Lee recalls. “A few short weeks later – when I saw Jodie perform as a back up singer and smash a tambourine on stage with the punk band she was in at the time – was when I knew we had to be in a project together.” A first writing session was quickly arranged, in which the duo wrote “Low Lights,” “Already Gone,” and put the finishing touches on “Distress Signal” – solidifying The Shakers’ core sound and three key tracks for both their debut EP and 2011’s appropriately titled Oh So Loud.

After winning the heart and commitment of exceptional drummer Nick Woods, The Shakers entered legendary NRG Studios with producer Sean Curiel to begin work on Loud. With the aid of the one and only Joseph “Bunny” Holiday at the boards, the band finished their first full-length record in time for a sold out performance at The Viper Room in Hollywood and an East Coast tour to follow. “The duality of the two-producer arrangement was enticing, but for this next album we want more cohesive tones between the tracks,” explains vocalist Jodie Schell. To that end, guitarist Chris Lee adds, “For the new record we’ll be producing it entirely ourselves, with a little help from Shooter Jennings/Gin Wigmore guitarist John Schreffler, Jr. at the boards. We’ll be doing the whole thing on 1 inch tape in his home studio, which none of us have ever done before. It’ll be a truly old school approach.” The Shakers will also have the benefit of new revered bassist Kyle Kozlowski, making his studio debut on their forthcoming album.

Fans can expect a shiny new record from The Shakers in spring of 2013. Until then, the band will continue to dominate the LA music arena, where a reputation of filling clubs like The Viper Room and Roxy Theatre keeps the lights on. The band has previously opened for such acts as Everclear, Our Lady Peace, The Motels, and Semi Precious Weapons.

In the words of vocalist Jodie Schell, “Rock n’ roll is a lifestyle, and the day we can quit our day jobs and live every day like this will be the most important day of our lives. My heart might explode on that day.”



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