Common Sense

Common Sense

Common Sense is not just another reggae band from Orange County. With a SoCal background and a small beach town attitude Common Sense took their reggae-rock influences and created their own style.
Nick Hernandez started Common Sense in Santa Barbara while studying music at UCSB. His soulful vocal style and natural stage presence gained the group an immediate loyal following. He then moved back to South Laguna where he joined up with Billy Sherman whose upbeat guitar and melodic sensibility gained Common Sense more attention.
Larry Young grew up in Houston, Texas playing bass in rock and reggae bands. He moved to California where his funky bass style fit the band perfectly.
Phil Gough, a long time friend, joined the band for their last recording, ‘Don’t Look Back’. His masterful guitar playing has brought Common Sense to a new level.
In addition, the next Common Sense CD will feature drums by Dean Butterworth and Rock Deadrick, and keyboards by Ed Krebs.

The audibly uniqueness to their sound is what makes them so memorable to many. With new songs on the horizon, such as “Strange One”, this show should prove to out do so many of the others. Come sing along to old songs, or become familiar with the new ones. You won’t want to miss this show!



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