The Summarily Dismissed

Unbeknownst to the world, Todd Rundgren and Laura Nyro had a secret daughter. She grew up to be as wacky, comedic, and as immune to musical categorization as her father, while her pianistic style, vocal range, and physical appearance clearly indicated who her mother was. And, like both her parents, she became a composer, a lyricist, and a public eccentric!

Okay, so maybe Ari Shagal's parents aren't literally Todd and Laura . . . but, musically speaking, they might as well be! And, to extend the familial metaphor, you might say that Donald Fagen was Ari's uncle, and Stevie Wonder was her godfather. And there was Ari, in New York, ready to parade her bizarrely eclectic work before the ears of the listening public . . . but, in order to do so, she needed the right vocalists. Well, she lucked out, big time, when she happened upon the golden soprano voice of Ferima Faye, a native New Yorker whose incredible vocal talents are rivaled only by her incredibly creative and visionary fashion design; and Matthew Lomeo, a soulful baritone whose raw, magnetic voice continually made his native town of Utica sit bolt upright and shake its collective booty. Together, these three whippersnappers teamed up with producer and guitarist Joe Davi (known for his work with Ne-Yo, Mya, and Jay-Z), bassist Pat O'Leary (a member of Bob Dorough's trio), and drummer Eric Halvorson (a frequent member of Ute Lemper's touring ensemble). The resulting album, To Each!, also features an appearance by the illustrious jazz vocalist Kenny Washington, whose talents are incredible beyond description, in addition to conga and bongo work by percussionist Nydia Mata, who was, for many years, a constant member of Laura Nyro's band. After an intense year plus, throwing themselves into the recording process at full intensity, the members of the Summarily Dismissed are proud to introduce their album To Each! to the world . . . and look forward to making even more music!

Chanelle Gray

Ever since a young girl growing up in South London, UK.
Chanelle knew she had a knack for melodies and enjoyed writing lyrics. Music has always been a huge part of Chanelle’s life. At just three years old, she began imitating her mother, a singer and a renown DJ and heavily influenced by her musical heroes, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

By age thirteen, Chanelle had handwritten her first album and soon after entered her first musical collaboration, “KeChan” along side childhood friend Kemi with whom she wrote and sang. Their join artistry resulted in two single recording deals with True Villain Records in the United States in 1999.

Although delighted with her success, Chanelle decided to once again go solo in 2000 and this is where her greater musical journey really began. Exposed to the NYC circuit, Chanelle adjusted to moving around, her next move being one on tour in Kenya in addition to headlining shows in her hometown.

A feisty combination of soul, hip hop, reggae with elements of jazz and rock, all written by herself working closely with her producers attributing to her material.

Now living in New York she has an exciting future ahead of her and is sure to follow in the footsteps of some of her greatest influences including Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and Soul II Soul.

Chanelle is a talented, determined, enthusiastic and fiercely ambitious raw British talent.

To compliment her amazing musical ability, she is a fully trained professional dancer and performed live shows regularly, vowing her audiences with her luminous stage presence and sheer love of her art.

Alt/Indie rock band playing gigs in NYC/NJ and surrounding area.

guitar: James...
...was carved from a well loved board of teak by an admittedly twitchy luthier. James sought unknown tones throughout the finer (and less finer) venues of the southeast, apple and crescent based cities. Resets and adjustments continue. One day James hopes to be a real live boy.

cello/grammar police: Filomena...
...started playing cello in grade school as a way to get out of going to gym class. Since then she has played in prisons, mental wards and at the occasional funeral. Along with playing her super bad-ass custom made 5 string cello, she collects homeless animals, can eat 5/8ths of a vegan pizza in one sitting and enjoys cartoons a little too much

vox: Nick...
...Nick is super. Come out to a show to see for yourself!

bass: Remy...
...Super talented and sweet as sugar...ohhhh yeahhhh!

drums/vox: Chris...
...was introduced to drums when his parents bought him a K-Mart “Bang-n-play” set at age five. Years later, he built his own set out of paint cans, laundry barrels and cookie tins, and eventually patented the idea creating the “Paint-can Percussion” line of drums which can be found at any local music retailer. When not playing drums, Chris can be found making 16mm films, bowling and tinkering in his basement with plumbing, electrical and woodworking projects.


Performing music from all four Police albums, Tom Nazziola (vocals, bass), Dave Anthony (drums) and Jimmy Leahey (guitar, vocals) join together to recreate the high energy and infectious grooves of one of the greatest bands in recent pop. Synchronicity is a tour de force!



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