Pete Francis (of Dispatch)

Pete Francis (of Dispatch)

Many people know Pete Francis as 1/3 member of the independent band Dispatch ( And yes, that's where his journey with music and rock stardom began - playing some of the most memorable venues across the United States with highlights including Madison Square Garden, The Greek Theaters, Red Rocks, and TD Garden (to name a few). His musical involvement also inspired several creative solo endeavors - the most recent of which developed out of his home studio in Connecticut.

“As a musician, you live with someone long enough, they actually start knowing your songs better than you do.” That’s what Pete Francis of Dispatch ( said became apparent when he started jamming with friends in his home studio and his wife, Katie, joined to sing with them after getting their two kids to sleep. “It was fun and easy” he smiled. Now Pete, Katie, Jason Pharr, Ray Bryant, and Matt Barcewicz are ready to bring their smorgas-groove to an audience near you! The set will deliver a blend of the bands original tunes, Dispatch classics, and some unexpected cover tunes. “Our set? I like to think of it as jumping into a lively sound aquarium – a place to be delighted and happy that you came to the party. Join us!” says Pete with his signature twinkle.

Eric Dash is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who started writing when he was 8 years old. While his early influences consisted of pop-punk icons, Eric also drew inspiration from John Mayer, Eric Clapton, SRV, No Doubt, and Justin Timberlake.

Since his early teens, Eric has been playing with industry professionals and slinging together demos of his evolving style. But in 2012, producer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer/Goo Goo Dolls) saw a talent in Eric and worked with him on a new EP record titled "My Own Island".

Eric released his first single from that EP, "One More Love Song", on June 25th via iTunes and the single is now available on Spotify.

Andrew Whitman

It all started the summer of 2004. The Moccasins, a local band with quite a tremendous reputation, slowly fell apart. Andrew Whitman went from rhythm guitarist for one of the biggest bands ever one minute, to solo singer/songwriter the next. Through a complex process of playing alone in his room and in front of his friend Deren, he slowly gained confidence. His first song performed live was Mary Joe, an interesting mix of reggae, terrible singing, and uncontrollable shakes of nervousness. Luckily he was at the Barrington Coffee House and didn't have to worry about being made fun of cause their so nice. A year later, with a few more songs under his belt, he began to teach his cousin Matt Lewis a few chords on the guitar. Little did he now that he was teaching a future songwriter. Only months after learning, Matt had already written a song, aptly titled "The Beat of Life". Dylan Iannitelli soon came into the picture when Andrew was searching for a bassist to accompany him at Elements Cafe. They fit beautifully. This same connection lead to Andrew asking Dylan's brother Zak to play drums on these new recording. All I can say is thank God for zak. You may be thinking that it can't get any better, but you're wrong. There was one more piece to the puzzle. Devin Monaghan - Vocalist, Melodicaist, Harmonicist, Mandolinist, Djembeist, Ukulelist, and Whistler. He filled all the holes. Recently, these men have recorded five songs with help of James Whitescarver and BlixYZ studios. With songs such as Honey, Never Felt This Way, and Back to Earth, it seems as if they are ready for anything. The CD should be ready in the next few weeks and ready for some listening and loving. We hope that everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it. And that's about it.



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