Saturday Night with Altered Egos

Electro Bliss

Electro Bliss is a duo electro, female friendly, glitch, vocal pop re-mix set consisting of DJs Jack Martin and St. Dominico.

Jack Martin first hit the scene at a very young age because he was intrigued by the sounds of house music. He bought his first set of turntables and took off from there. He self taught himself and later was able to share his technics and skill sets of being a DJ with St. Dominico.

Martin worked his way up and has earned opening sets with world class DJs like Angel Alanis. Martin's prodigy St. Dominico moved to Honolulu HI and became a resident DJ for the club Xyloh with a monthly broadcast on the net. After 3 years apart, St. Dominico moved back to Colorado to further his own career.

After playing together again for the first time in 3 years, a fire was started, and electro bliss was in full effect. Since then, EB has Played at venues such as the Beta, Funky Buddha, Church, Vinyl, and opening up for act such as Crystal Method, Wolfgang Gartner. And also playing along side Denver's best Electro house crew: EMP Audio.


Blooming through the Electronic Dance Music scene, and being selected to play at many of Denver's best nightclubs, JLEET is quickly becoming a known name. His ability to bring in a crowd by capturing them with his brooding beats, high energy grooves, ecstatic breakdowns, and consuming buildups that has brought him to where he is now. He has been known for his prodigious sets by many. JLEET continues to fully bestow his passion and emotion through music, entirely on the dance floor, for the gratification of a mind blown crowd.

Barraza Broz

Ever since he could remember,Christian Barraza A.K.A Dj Choo-Choo & Rudy Alonso Barraza A.K.A Dj R.AB has had a knack for music. Having a wide range for every taste of music, EDM is where he fell into place naturally. Originally from San Diego, he started building friendships that weren't originally through music. With the drive the same interests for Dance Music , he got behind the decks and started experimenting with various types of music. Being a resident DJ's of Exodus Productions based in Denver, Colorado; he has become well respected within the local Denver scene. Also catch these two brothers togeather as they are known as the dynamic duo of The Barraza Broz alias. Be sure to keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in for upcoming events featuring DJ Choo-Choo Or Dj R.A.B.



4 floors of entertainment! Main Room: Altered Egos w/electro & progressive house. Basement: Hip Hop w/DJ Danny. 2nd Floor: DJ True w/house, electro mashups. Rooftop: 80’s/90’s & Top40 Dance Music w/Dave Peacock.

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