Great Neck

Great Neck

“Great Neck” was named after the place in long island where lead singer Anomie Fatale was born on a neurosurgeon's operating table. The original two members were her and a close friend from high school, with the project name of “Fail!” that matured into “A Good Time Stranger”, but was short lived. At the age of 20, Anomie came down with symptoms of Arnold Chiari Malformation, and the story and the surgeries began. The name changed to fit the fact the two weren’t having many good times anymore; and so that people would stop assuming they were fetishist hookers.

Their first album “Undergrounded Audio” was recorded in the basement of her parent’s house. Requiring full-time assistance and personal care with her sudden disability, her friend took on the responsibility at age 18 so that her parents could continue working their full-time jobs. They wrote and recorded material around the situation, with songs such as “Measure Man”, about the deplorable ignorance of the western medical community, and “Magic Mayonnaise”, about magic mayonnaise.

Despite physical limitations and medical concerns, they began to find ways to transfer their music onto the stage. With someone onstage spotting behind her, Anomie was able to perform her music standing up without worry of falling from her symptoms of syncope (fainting), and vertigo. They acquired musicians for the live set, one of these was guitarist Jesse Draham whom she fell in love and began dating shortly after.

Jesse was a musical composer for independent movies in the Philadelphia, and scored and recording songs for filsm. Their songs were featured in the films “Booted” and “Swooped”, nominated for best original music at the 2012 independent comedy awards in Houston.

Great Neck then took on a new face, starting over from scratch and gauges. Anomie’s health mildy improved after she underwent another exploratory neurosurgery revealing many complications that had not shown up on the MRI. After recovery, Anomie moved to Philadelphia to make the music in the city, while starting up a non-profit organization called “The Benthos Foundation” to help others with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

They added member Alex Lewis to the band, after he crashed and totaled his car on the way to tryouts. Alex is referred to as “A-Lew” to differentiate between him and friend Alex Roberts who plays with Great Neck as special guest “stunt guitar”.

The band is recording an album set to be released within the next few months with songs “Kiss on the Apocalips” and “Crippled Bitch (Hahaha)”, the theme song for Anomie’s photography project “Sick and Sexy”, featuring pin-up modeling of the disabled and disfigured.

“Heroes are those that cannot be saved.”

“When life hand you lemons, make lemonade. And spike it.”

“No. Don’t quote me.”

“Jefferson’s hair…is a turkey leg.”

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Featuring members of The Wonderfalls, Arat Sass and Cthulhu Martini, ICD9 is a group of genuine weirdos who don't quite fit in anywhere else. Taking from the center circle of a venn diagram of different influences, they play fun, a little vulgar, a little pretty, and a little gross.



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