Those Poor Bastards

the Harmed Brothers

Consisting of lead vocalists Ray Vietti on guitar and Alex Salcido on banjo, Alec La Roche on stand up bass and Ben Kilmer on drums, the band's origins go back to teenagers playing music in the rural regions of Missouri where Vietti and the Kilmer Brothers first met. Growing up and going their separate ways, Vietti ended up on the West Coast in Oregon, and the Kilmers on the East Coast in Western North Carolina. It was in the small forest town of Cottage Grove, Oregon, where Vietti met and teamed up with Salcido.
In 2010, Ray and Alex released their debut album All The Lies You Want To Hear. The album, and the band's high-energy stage performance garnered the attention of record labels and producers alike. The Harmed Brothers chose to release their next album on the indie label Lackpro Records. In May 2012, The band released their long-awaited sophomore effort Come Morning.

The Howl

"The Howl is a four piece indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their technical approach to rock music is fresh and energetic but is still accessible to a diverse audience. They have spent the past two years writing and playing shows around the immediate Chicago-land area and have recently completed their debut EP, 900 Feet Beneath."

$10.00 - $12.00


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