Big Tree (record release)

Big Tree (record release)

For five years, Big Tree wandered back and forth across the country, building homes on both East and West Coasts while spreading music to everyone in between. In January of 2012, Big Tree ended up in Berkeley, CA and hasn't left since, quickly becoming a staple of the blossoming Bay Area music scene.

Big Tree's music has spanned two full length records, two EP’s, and their latest self-release, My, How You’ve Grown, provides a snapshot of the band moving into the next stage of their evolution. Kaila McIntyre-Bader (vox, keys), Anna Ghezzi (vox, percussion), Luke Bace (bass, vox), Dan Pirello (guitar), and Matt Schory (drums) create songs that have been called "anthemic," "luscious," and "stunning," and tap into organic folk, greasy blues, and ambient indie rock. After 5 years of near constant performing, Big Tree's live show stands alone in it's own right, taking the audience on a journey that starts with the bopping of heads and the tugging of heart-strings and often ends with a sweaty dance party and raucous sing-alongs.

My, How We’ve Grown will be released September 17th, 2013, with West and East Coast tour dates to follow including a performance at the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC.

(Little EP) is a barefoot walk on warm soil where so many others are trips to IKEA. If there is one argument against the over-tinkered immaculacy that pervades so much pop music, Little EP is it.”
-The Deli SF /11.06.2012

The instrumentals are like one collective gust of wind rushing in to sweep you off your feet and twirl you around in the whirlwind that is Big Tree’s luscious indie rock groove. There’s something stunning about Big Tree’s style; it’s organic yet classic, but slightly stripped down just enough so each element shines through.”
– Indie Shuffle /11.07.2012

Elise Davis

In March of 2013, Elise signed her first publishing deal with Horipro Entertainment in Nashville, TN. "The Little Rock native is making waves in Nashville's music scene after winning American Songwriter's "The Pub Contest" — a hefty publishing deal with HoriPro Entertainment — which was judged by artists like Holly Williams and Hunter Hayes earlier this month. The year-long deal will be the first venture into co-writing for the solo-singer, who has written all of her previous efforts, and was honored to have been selected for the opportunity. Often drawing comparisons to the likes of Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams, Davis' music has captured the attention of more than just those invested in the contest."

Elise Davis began writing songs at the age of 12 in her hometown of Little Rock, AR. Her first song was inspired by a typical tween debacle in which she begged her parents to let her go to a grungy rock band concert in downtown Little Rock. After they denied her of this freedom, she ran away. "I got all the way down the street and sat on the corner, feeling vengeful, knowing they were at home frantically worrying about where I'd run off to," she admitted.
After a few hours and no sign of a rescue, Davis moped home to find her parents exactly how she left them: her father sitting reading and her mother fixing things up around the house. Furious, she stomped past them and headed straight to her room. With a handful of guitar lessons and five chords in her pocket, she had enough musical ammunition to write her first song. Davis remembered: "I didn't even think about it at the time. I hadn’t planned on writing a song and I never thought about being a songwriter before… it just happened." And she was hooked.

In the following years, Davis worked on developing her songs and playing them out for audiences. Her high school band, The Sandbox Lizards, performed in local clubs and festivals in and around Little Rock. Of its 2006 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, that paper wrote: "Elise Davis was the star attraction .... (her) acoustic guitar songs especially made an impression on the judges."

Davis then decided to embark on a solo career and released her first solo album as a senior in High School and continued to release an album a year throughout college.

In an Arkansas Times review of her third release they wrote, "Judged only by her rich voice and breezy, open-road arrangements ...... Davis sounds mature well beyond her years. And judged even by her resume — two albums already under her belt and a third, Another Lonesome Romance, — she's farther down the road to Sheryl Crow-dom than virtually all her 19-year-old peers." ARKANSAS TIMES, 7/31/08

Her song "Trouble" off her fourth album, "The Same Vein", was dubbed by The Arkansas Times as its "favorite song to come out of Little Rock" in 2010:

"With "The Same Vein," she's taking a step beyond the organic folk-pop of her teenage years, into a richer, brighter world of confident indie-pop." ARKANSAS TIMES 8/19/10.

"What the tunes reveal is maturity. This is the fourth release for Davis, and she's grown comfortable as a songwriter." SYNC MAGAZINE 8/17/10.

Inspired by alt-country, Americana, and rock & pop artists such as Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne, John Prine, Neko Case, Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac, and others, Davis brings a mature-beyond-her-years knowingness and a modern sensibility to her passionate songwriting and beautiful melodies. Following the release of "The Same Vein", and after graduating college with a degree in English, Elise hit the road with her band touring throughout the country, bringing her music to new fans in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida and of course to her hometown supporters in Little Rock, performing both with her band and as a solo performer.

In July 2011 during a flight home after touring in LA, Davis decided the next best move for her musical career was going to be to get out of Arkansas. That night she looked up apartments and applied for waitressing jobs then made the move to Nashville a month later where she is currently still located. Upon her move she recorded her fifth album, "Cheap Date", at Beech House Recording with producer Mark Nevers. Several notable Nashville musicans are featured on the album, (Chris Scruggs, Caitlin Rose), and album was released in November 2011.

A review in SYNC magazine writes that the new album “proves disorderly emotions can be beautiful. Cheap Date is a powerful album filled with emotion, and Davis wears it all in her voice, singing beyond her 23 years.” SYNC 11/23/12

Her most recent release, May 7th of 2013, an EP entitled "Big Ol' Dreams", is now available everywhere.

Alto is an indie-folk band of three UCLA music school undergrads: Jessica Jones, Veronica Rogers, Nicolette Yarbrough. Jessica (bass) and Nicolette (violin) met at their freshman orientation in the fall of 2009 and began playing together soon after. In the last year they picked up Veronica (viola), and now often play with Joseph Lorge on guitar. Their instrumentation and unique sound has won them the Acoustic Coffee House battle of the bands contest and a Modesto Music Award nomination. Alto plays frequently in the UCLA community as well as in San Francisco and Modesto, and they are now recording an EP. Download their latest tracks at, and find them on Facebook at


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