Live Wire Thursday

DJ Tower

DJ Tower has been DJing in Denver since 1993. He started by playing music at friend's parties and event with his own home stereo, cd players and a pawn shop special mixing board. Now he has been DJing for 15 years which has allowed him the experience to develop a sound and mix with his own unique style and technical skills.

In the early days, Tower developed his style by playing in many small venues such as Flavors, The Snake Pit, Tonic, 7 South (now Hi-Dive), and anyone who would have him. He also became involved with the world of band and event promotions with FastForward productions and putting on large Fetish/goth events. During this time he began to gain the attention of some of the established DJs in town. They in-turn, gave him the opportunity to spin his style of music to larger audiences.

Soon, he began DJing at some of the bigger clubs in Denver. Since this time, he has played to audiences at the Church, Deadbeat Club, Vinyl, Rock Island, Club Onyx and many other clubs and events.

Tower's musical tastes vary widely and spans many many genres. He has done nights in genres such as industrial, alternative, synthpop, futurepop, nuwave, gothic, 80s, nu school breaks, psytrance, indie, brit-pop and other types of music. While DJing, industrial and alternative he became aware of the bands Felix da Housecat and Ladytron. Through these bands he discovered the exciting and trashy world of electro/electroclash/dancepunk/electrohouse music scene. It is one of the most exciting musical changes in alternative dance music in a very long time. If you want to hear the freshest electro sounds, Tower will not disappoint.

$3.00 - $5.00


Live metal every Thursday + DJ Tower in the electro room.

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