Divining Rod

Divining Rod

A veteran of the New York music scene, Miyuki Furtado continues to branch out musically with two dynamic new projects.

His solo work as psych-drone-folk sage, Divining Rod, is just starting to make waves with intimate recordings as well as live performances featuring all out feedback drenched meditations.

His other project - psych rock warriors, Dead Sands, have released 2 EPs with the eclectic Don't Cry Records.

Miyuki was also a member of The Rogers Sisters, Midnight Masses and Fum Fum Fyes.

Gospel of Mars

Gospel of Mars is Aaron Moore on drums, Jef Brown on sax and guitar, the Doubble bass of Bob Jones and most recently the soprano and alto sax of Marcus Cummins. We started playing together in the summer of 2012 here in Brooklyn NY and are growing daily.

Not Guilty

Not Guilty is an improvisational swarm of acoustic and electronic music, held together with interstellar beats.

Bedfellows is an indie dance and post punk group from Brooklyn, NY.



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