Lullaby to Mr. Adam by Abarukas

Abarukas/Contemporary Dance Company

Abarukas, Yoshito Sakuraba, artistic director/choreographer, will premiere "Lullaby to Mr. Adam" performed by a company of artists whose credits include Pilobolus, Australian Dance Theater, and Cirque du Soleil. The dance is about a man’s memory, recollection of himself. In recalling his once forgotten past life, the world of Mr. Adam collapses. Time disappears. His memory repeats. But, he finally finds his way home. Special guest is the brilliant contemporary hip-hop dance company vivake.

Abarukas was founded in 2009 by Yoshito Sakuraba. Abarukas has shown its works at DNA, Here Arts Center, Dixon Place, Secret Theater, Baruch College, and more. Choreographer Mr. Sakuraba does not tell literal stories, perferring to deal with images and impressions, clearly expressing ideas and situations, but leaving room for the viewer's individual interpretations. Thereby, Abarukas’ dance does not involve with the world, but outside the world. So the dance concludes as dance.



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