Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Ophil, Spirit of the Stairs

Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy was formed in the Spring of 2007 at a party on 17th & Hillside in Wichita, KS. The 5-piece, including guitars, harmonica, bass, trombone, mandolin,banjo, and washboard has been playing their distinctive and aggressive blend of country, blues, dixieland, and bluegrass with various members around Kansas consistently for the past 2 years. Shows, though, had to be balanced with the running of a modern day speakeasy in the basement of an unmentioned bandmembers house. Bringing an energetic and original act to any bar, restaurant, basement, or park they play, CNS has been winning ears and hearts alike with their straight-forward, face-melting ungrass songs, toe-tappin country tunes, and their own midwest take on the snappy sounds of New Orleans. Always creating a good-time, drink 'em down atmoshpere, Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy bring with them an era-defying sound unlike any other, and an earnest understanding of what entertainment really is!

.. .. .. 11 years, 20 + members, countless songs and dancing feet. That's Ophil in a nutshell. But I bet you want more details than that... well there are plenty more to give.

Ophil was formed in October 1994 by 4 very restless individuals in Winfield Kansas. The original members consisted of Chris Burley, Alex Thomas, Aaron Underwood and Shane Marler. After experimenting with various musical styles, the band began to write more and more originals that were influenced by ska. Despite this association Ophil always pushed themselves to fuse various styles and defied most labels.

Natural progression would lead the band to add a horn section and go on a run across the midwest and westcoast that would last for a little more than a decade. They have released 3 full length studio albums, one live album, and countless bootleg albums which they offered for free off their website. They played with national acts and garage bands... they played in front of crowds of 15,000 people and in front of 2 people...

No matter what was in style or popular Ophil always had fun making music...

Ophil Band Members 1994 - 2005

Christopher Burley
Alex Thomas
Aaron Underwood
Shane Marler
Sol Arie
Ben Lowe
Jason Teubner
Matt Lann
Rob King
Timothy Wetterhus
Hans Judd
Rob Miller
Justin Stockebrand
Ryan Heinlein
Jeremy Wagner
Mike Ward
Dustin Brewer
Steve Turner
Brett Haralson
Brody Wellman
Brian Ashcraft

Ophil Releases

Ophil - Well Groomed Demo - Tape
Ophil - Activator - CD
Ophil - Freako Suave - CD
Ophil - LIVE - CD
Ophil - Love Songs For Soccer Moms - CD
Ophil - Attack of the Zipperless Devils - CD EP

Spirit of the Stairs

Formed in early 2003, SotS has grown into a dynamic rock monster tapping into raw emotion and releasing pure power.

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All tickets are general admission. A limited number of table reservations for groups of 4 or more are available at The Cotillion or by calling 316.722.4201. Nancy's Amazing Sandwiches will be here serving her Famous #8 and more!

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