The Offshore Regulars

Formed on the beaches of Long Island, The Offshore Regulars consist of four lifelong friends with a shared passion for music and having a good time.

Motion Ocean

Motion Ocean is a ukulele-driven band formed in the summer of 2012 by ukulele player and lead singer Andrew Pinzon on the south shore of Long Island, New York. The 4 members of this band were put on this earth to radiate positivity and instill happiness into the hearts of all people through music. The beautiful sound of the ukulele contributes to the good vibrations felt by their well-crafted, harmonious songs. Andrew and backup vocalist Stephanie Tolino sing songs about love, positivity, and being alive. Along with Andrew's brother Nick on drums and Anthony Arma (ex- Hotel of the Laughing Tree) on bass, these 4 create a sound that's light, airy, happy, and easy to listen to. This band is not to be missed for they are sure to be making waves


The Dayz is a New York based collective of musicians dedicated to writing, recording and performing powerful, evocative music.



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